Gambling issues

Online casino is a hobby that always will come with a certain risk. However, it is very important that healthy players are taking the best possible pre-cautions in order to play responsible. This is in order to avoid gambling issues or any form of gambling addiction.

gambling issues helpThere is no exact way to play responsibly. It is simply about being aware of what gambling does to your brain and how you can detect warning signals in early stages and take a break or stop.

This guide was created so that you can detect gambling problems in early stages and take necessary actions if that is the case.

Gambling addiction

A gambling addiction can vary quite a lot from different individuals. Gambling addiction can also lead to disastrous consequences for the player that is affected. Normal damages caused by gambling issues are economic, social and psychological.

We are not speaking lightly about gambling issues as this is a very serious problem. Zamsino is self-proclaimed the most responsible casino guide in the world. We are on every single page on our entire website across languages referring to our responsible gaming guides.

Treatment for gambling issues

Gambling issues is very hard to deal with by yourself it’s often required that you get some form of support in order to get the problem under control. So, if you are reading this feeling bad but have not gotten help yet, do not fear.

There is a way out of the misery and to a healthy peaceful mind again. It’s very common for former gambling addicts to stay in gambling problem groups and meetings for a very long time even when things are well again.

Unfortunately, gambling is heavily marketed on television and many other places and the temptation can easily get very hard to resist.

Below you can find a great check list that you can use in order to detect signs of gambling issues.

Check list for detecting gambling issues

  • You play for more money that you planned to.
  • Playing longer session and prioritize gambling.
  • You deposit savings.
  • Getting very emotional and or upset when losing.
  • Your tilted mode is affecting others around you.
  • You keep playing even though you closed accounts before.
  • Coming up with excuses to play online casino.
  • Borrowed money to play.
  • You have a gambling debt.

If you recognize any of these behaviours above you are in the risk-zone for developing gambling issues or you already have a serious gambling problem. In this case we recommend you call a help line to talk to. Find information about these further down on this page.

Help tools

If you like playing online but are gambling aware enough to know when you need to take a break in a healthy way there is plenty of options for this. All of our casinos has limitation systems that can grant you an easy way to pause or limit the deposits of your account.

Zamsino employees have all gone through official responsible gaming training and can easily detect signs of gambling problems.

In order to play casino in a good manner you should be able to lose money without getting emotionally affected. Only in this way can gambling be used as a healthy risk-free hobby.

Need more help?

In case you still need help and need someone to talk to we recommend that you call a help line. They are available 24 hours a day and will assure that you can get the help that you need.

Below you can find phone numbers to Canadian help lines for gambling.

Manitoba Gambling Helpline

New Brunswick Problem Gamblers Hotline

Nova Scotia Toll-Free Gambling Helpline

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline

Prince Edward Island Gambling Addiction Treatment Program

Québec – Gambling Help and Referral
(514) 527-0140 Montreal and surrounding area
1-800-461-0140 and 1-866-767-5389 throughout province

Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline

We hope that you found this guide helpful and we hope that you will get well or avoid gambling issues in the best way possible!