Alien Worlds NFT Game (Full Guide)

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In this article you will learn everything there is to know about the NFT game Alien Worlds!

Allien World is a blockchain-based metaverse with the possibility of earning cryptocurrency and NFT. The game was launched in 2020 and is considered one of the most successful gaming projects in Web 3, it not only attracted millions of players and hundreds of thousands of subscribers but also provided the opportunity for one of the largest earnings during Q1 2021. The game is still unfinished and is in the ½ stage of development of its final form, but it has attracted a large number of investors and carried out a successful marketing strategy. The project has huge functionality and voluminous technical documentation, we understand how difficult it is to understand such projects and it is not clear where to get answers, there are no very detailed reviews on this game on the Internet and we decided to collect all the relevant information for you in this place. 


Allien World is a blockchain (WAX, Ethereum&binance) based metaverse in which the player enters the space world with a great abundance of possibilities. He can buy land and rent it out to other players, mine resources, rent spaceships to send on missions in the metaverse, and earn real money for it! Actions in the game take place in 2055, and the inhabitants of the earth have found a way to avoid pandemics and disasters. The most advanced community of bitcoin miners, the federation, came to the discovery of Wormhole, due to this discovery they found a way to travel the planets of space and collect the valuable Trillium resource along the way. Now there are 6 planets in the federation, the leadership of the federation is striving for general justice and decided to tokenize everything – avatars, resources, tools, territory. The inhabitants of the federation choose the activity of their choice – the more daring decide to try their skills in the arena, the more enterprising are engaged in leasing land, and the more stubborn decided to extract resources on their own on different planets! 

Allien Worlds (official image)

What is the game? 

At the moment, the game is at the stage of ½ development of its final stage, not all the modes and functions of the game proposed by the developers are currently available, we will show you the most important ones: 

Battles (in development) 

The game is available mode The Thunderdome: Battling on Alien Worlds in which you can fight with other players, for this you must own minions and can use them against your opponent’s minions. To start the game, you need to purchase NFT minions, for this, you can go to the in-game marketplace and navigate by the following characteristics: 

  • 1. Attack – how much damage a minion can do when attacking. 
  • 2. Defence – defense rating, how well the minion holds a blow. 
  • 3. Movecost – how much is one move.
  • 4. Race – which alien race the minion belongs to.
  • 5. Element – minions are either neutral or connected to one of the elements.

 Minions can be equipped with NFT weapons, you have to understand that the weapons must be compatible with the minion and its races, but if they fit together then the minion will become much stronger. There are 12 minions in the starting set and they are constantly increasing their number, minions have 5 types of minions in total: Abundant minions The most common minions that drop for research activities in the game drop out quite often and are not rare common minions They are slightly better than Abundant minions because they have more useful abilities and at the same time the best price. rare minions are obtained with a much lower chance, while they are very useful I n combat and research. epic minions With these cards, your opponent will be afraid of you! Legendary minions The strongest type of minion that will lead you to victory. The battle begins with the choice of minions (they may need a different number), the battle will take place outside the chain, but its reality can be verified, the system itself will determine the moves on and the strength of the minions plays an important role here, the network itself may give the order to the minions to attack more strong part of the opposing team. After the game, the winner will receive a reward and NFT, while the loser will receive a broken weapon and send the minions to the federation hospital.


Everything is much simpler here, you are allowed to mine Trillium with your own hands! To do this, select one of the 6 planets for mining, to start you need a tool – a shovel/pickaxe / other mining tools. The game gives you an avatar and a shovel for free, then you need to find a suitable territory for yourself (it belongs to other players and they take a commission for using it from 0.1% to 20%). Every tick (about 10 minutes) you have to collect a reward and start mining again, you get a guaranteed reward in the form of a Trillium and possible rarer firewood in the form of NFTs (minions, avatars, and so on).

Earnings can be increased by buying new instruments from other players or waiting for them to drop out during mining.


Have you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in the game and earning big money from it? Allien World suits you perfectly – here you can rent a land plot with your characteristics and rent it out for a commission that you set! You can set a commission of 20% and every player working on your site will pay you, just think how much you can earn doing nothing.

Other game modes are still in development – announced missions in space, open-world, and so on.

Trillium (screenshow from website)

Trillium token

Trillium token is a valuable resource that you get when mining, it can be exchanged on any exchanger convenient for you. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that they are protected from inflation due to self-combustion once a year.

Trillium can be both mined and used as a speculative asset, you need to remember that its price is volatile and it may sometimes be more profitable to hold a trillium than to sell it right away because in this way you will get more profit.


In Allien World, everything is tokenized down to the smallest detail. There are NFTs of this quality in the game: AbundantCommonRareEpicLegendary and Mythical. You can see the lists of tokens existing in the game:


They do not affect anything, this is a picture that will represent you in your profile. If you want to look more solid, you can purchase for status.


Tools are in-game cards that help you increase your mining earnings, you can purchase a regular shovel or an improved mining tool, and focus on your ambitions and needs, but most starter shovel tool is free.


A territory on one of the 6 planets that you can purchase, each territory has it’s specialty and value. By purchasing this NFT, you can rent it out to miners for a certain commission (0.1%-20%), so the percentage you specify will be charged to the miner working on your site.


You can use these NFTs in your fights in The Thunderdome: Battling on Alien Worlds. Let’s not complicate it – these are your fighters, each has its ability and rarity, the stronger the minion, the more expensive it is, and they can drop out as a drop during mining.


This is a weapon for your minions, you can purchase it on the marketplace, which will lead to a big increase in your combat team!

Marketplace (screenshot from website)


The game has a marketplace on the AtomicHub platform, where you can purchase NFTs necessary for your game. You must understand that you should buy / exchange/sell tokens only on this platform, otherwise you will be deceived

When viewing the characteristics of an item, pay attention to whether it is in short supply and its characteristics, for example, when choosing a tool, look at the rate of obtaining and drop rate of rare items!

How does Play-To-Earn work?

The concept of earning in the game is as simple as possible in the game – if you are a minor, you get rewards for mining, if you are an entrepreneur, you get commissions for renting out the territory, and if you want to fight minions in the arena, you get rewards accordingly for victories. All rewards are given out in the in-game currency $TLM, and sometimes you get valuable NFTs that you can then sell or exchange on the marketplace.


Sarojini McKenna is the co-founder of Allien World, a person who has been in the space since the very beginning of the development of Web 3 and used it to the maximum, it was under her leadership that the team became the first game on the blockchain that broke the mark of 100,000 users, then 2 million and at the peak this the figure was about 2.5 million.

Sarojini is an Oxford University graduate with a strategic mindset, she has a clear roadmap and in interviews talks about future goals, as almost done, she has absolute confidence in the project and proves it with deeds.

The rest of the team remains not very transparent, but this does not prevent the frenzied development of the project.


Allien World has a large-scale and ambitious roadmap, it consists of a large number of points that are not fully understood by ordinary users or their meaning is not clear, so we decided to explain it to you. The roadmap consists of several parts, we have collected the most important ones for you –

Near term

• Nebula events and other quests (adding and optimizing a new gameplay mode with missions)

• Daily Allocation to Landowners claim function to become automated (a fix that will simplify the work of landowners)

• Landowner-specific NFT mining incentive distribution mechanism (also fixed for landowners)

• Interactive storyline events & cross-promotions with other games/NFTs (marketing ploy)

Coming soon

• Start Battles (new game mod)

• NFT Artifacts released (a new collection of expensive NFTs)

• Landowners will be able to display items and make announcements in their windows on Earth (bonus for landowners)

• The launch of the Government (one of the most important updates about which so far there is little information)

Galaxy – plans for the future

• Packs “Heroes and Minions” and combat functionality (addition to the game mod)

• Terraforming and farming for landowners (quite an important update for landowners)

• Avatar upgrades unlocked (now an avatar is just a picture on your profile)

• Selected external NFTs from other collections gain powers in the Alien Worlds Metaverse.

• Quests and exciting game experience (new game mode)

• Interaction between digital objects

• “Services” on the lands

• Additional terraforming


The leadership of Allien World approached the issue of security as seriously as possible. Firstly, all assets are located in three different networks – Wax, Ethereum, and Binance, this is done to minimize possible risks when transferring assets, in fact, diversification. Also, the project is actively fighting bots, it’s no secret that when the game starts with one click every 10 minutes, everyone reaches out to automate it and it’s really easy to do it, it is due to this that the company is waging war with bots and just not conscientious players, this was done to avoid depreciation of in-game assets.

Screenshot from official website

Situation now

At the time of writing, the entire Web 3 market has fallen to low levels, and Allien World is no exception – if at the peak $TLM costs $0.20, now it is half as much. Because of this, in-game assets have lost not only the price but also the volume of sales, and the game is not in the best situation, like all Web 3.

Does this mean I can’t earn?

“The word ‘crisis‘, written in Chinese, consists of two characters: one means danger, the other is an opportunity.”

Let’s look at this situation in more detail – in mid-2021 the game was one of the most popular games on the blockchain, players were earning up to a thousand dollars for simple clicks, all office workers bought more expensive tools and received + half their salary for simple clicks, more enterprising people preferred buy tools and resell them, for example, in just 3 months a person could get x3-x4 to his investment. Sounds cool right? I would even say that it sounds incredible, at its peak, 2.5 million people played the game and everyone was talking about it, what now? Now the market is in stagnation after the fall, and the most important point is that this happened not because of the problems of the game, but because of the trend of the entire Web 3. We all remember what a capricious lady the crypto market is, but I will remind you that any crisis is an incredible opportunity.

Earn? Now you can earn $30-$50 per week additionally for simple clicks if you wish, but I know that this is not enough for you. What to do? There is a tool called a pick, it is one of the cheapest and most efficient tools for mining, at its peak, it cost $20, now it costs $5, don’t forget this year’s play-to-earn trend, and remember the middle of 2021, how think what will happen? That’s right, there will be a rollback of the market to previous lows, and in my opinion, there will be a breakthrough against the backdrop of the trend of the entire Web 3 (remember the updated highs of bitcoin), and I believe that then the price of the pick will be about $30-$35 at the most modest calculations (maybe more because this is one of the most popular items), it means that for every $5 invested now you will receive $35 later, and also if you have expensive items, your earnings on a rollback to previous highs will reach $1500.

Everything written is the author’s reasoning and is not financial advice, it’s up to you to decide where and how to invest your money!

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