Arc8 Game Guide for Beginners

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The online gaming industry boasts several platforms with a variety of games, rewards, and other features. Arc8 is one of those platforms where gamers can choose from diverse rewarding and entertaining games.

If you’ve never played any game on this platform, you may have a hard time settling in on the platform and choosing the best game for you.

This Arc8 game guide for starters is designed to help you settle down on the platform and have a memorable and fun-filled gaming experience.

What is Arc8?

GAMEE developed what it refers to as a “high-engagement mobile e-sports gaming platform,” the Arc8 app. Launched in October 2021, the gaming platform offers more than 10 play-to-earn (P2E) game modes.

Players can choose from a variety of game options and leverage their skills to win those games and earn passively. If you’re a newbie in the online gaming industry, the platform allows you to experience the beauty of cryptocurrency gaming.

The cross-platform card video game was released for the iOS and Android communities.

Gamee brings blockchain games to the next level of competition for gamers
Arc8 – Play, Win and Earn GMEE

Top Arc8 Games

This Arc8 game guide covers 10 of the best gaming options on the platform with their features, rewards, and other attractions.

  1. Asteroids

This is a traditional Asteroids-style game. While playing the space-themed multidirectional shooter game, a player controls a spaceship with a mission: to destroy asteroids.

The game offers 3 different asteroid sizes and the same number of score values. Small asteroids attract _25 values while medium asteroids have a worth of +100 and -250 for large asteroids.

When a player destroys a cometh, he receives 1,000 points for that feat. A player can earn up to +600 points when he destroys an opponent’s spaceship at 150 points per part.

At the end of the game, every remaining life is worth +2000 points.

2. Globo Run

Globo Run is another interesting game on the Arc8 platform. In this game, a player avoids obstacles that may impede his progress and rewards.

As a player, you will be awarded 5 points for covering 5 meters. You may earn the base or green diamond bonus and increase your points by 15 points. The purple diamond offers 30 points. Both the distance covered and bonuses collected attract a score multiplier.

After completing the game, your entire unused life will be valued at 1,000 points.

3. 99 Blocks

99 Block is one of many gamers’ favourite games, thanks to its outstanding features. In the game, a placed shape attracts 5 points while the base tile is 20 points when you complete 3 * 3 square.

Each time you complete a 3*3 square, the next shape that is spawned will get a +1x multiplier. If you complete more of the squares in a row, that will boost the multiplier to *5. Once you complete the 3*3 square, you will account for the multiplier.

When you complete a 3*3 square consecutively, the base tile value will be raised by =10. The tile value will go to +20, its base, once the 3*3 square completion sequence is broken.

If you complete more than one 3*3 square at once, your awarded score will be multiplied by the total number of squares you complete.

4. Pirate Solitaire

GAMEE considers Pirate Solitaire the most popular and played game on its platform. Each of the uncovered cards is worth 20 points. In each game, a player has 21 cards to uncover for a maximum of 420 points.

When you move a card to the base, Ace attracts 130 points and other cards attract lower points. When you complete the game, you may earn a maximum of 3,640 points and a 500-point bonus.

You can also earn 50 points per hidden Easter egg in the game and a maximum of 100 points for the 2 times the egg appears per game.

A player also stands a good chance to earn a time bonus at the game’s completion as computed below:

  • Maximum time bonus: 3,000 points.
  • (Uncovered cards/30 *2.4 + 0.3) * unspent time.
  • Maximum overall score: 7,660 points.

5. Solitaire Star

Solitaire Star isn’t the regular card game that most gamers are familiar with. The modified features make the distinction between this game and its cousins Solitaire games.

It is a combination of over 30 Solitaire games available for the iOS community. From your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, access the several options that include Bear River, Golf Easy, Yukon, Forty Thieves, Pyramid, Castles in Spain, and a host of others.

Some outstanding features of this game include auto-complete moves option, iPod full-control panel, auto-save all games, sound effects, superb graphics, adjustable volume control, and animation, just to mention a few.

GMEE is the play-to-earn token in the Gamee ecosystem.
GMEE – Blockchain meets mobile gaming

6. Samurai Hold’em

Samurai Hold’em is another fantastic game on the Arc8 platform. Players will create combinations of 5 cards from the available card in their hands and on the table to earn some points.

The rank of the highest-scoring card and type of hand determine the scored points. The cards and scored points are summarized in the table below:

Royal Flush4,000A75
Straight Flush3,000K70
Four of a Kind2,000Q65
Full House900J60
Three of a Kind300845
Two Pair175740
One Pair75635

For instance, you may earn up to 750 points (700 points + 50 points) for a Flush hand with a 9 –high score.

After clearing the cards in your hands, you’ll receive a time bonus from the remaining time. The % of the unspent time is the % of your score plus the base score at the game’s completion.

7. Wizard’s 21

Wizard’s 21 allows players to earn points when they create card combinations in the game’s columns.

The number of points you earn while playing this game depends on the type of game you complete and the card type for completing a column.

For instance, when you complete a Blackjack, you’ll receive 150 points, irrespective of the number of cards required for the completion.

If you complete a Blackjack with two cards, a combination of 10 and any of J, Q, and K, you’ll earn 400 points. 600 points await you if you successfully place 5 cards within a column.

You run the risk of losing a life if you earn more than 21 points in a column.

8. Marble Dash

Marble dash is a marble bubble shooter game where players are required to solve puzzles by popping colorful balls.

Combining shooting skills with puzzle-solving ability, the game offers excitement and amazing reward for players who have what it takes to excel at the game.

9. Pixel Dungeon

An array of bonuses awaits you when playing the Pixel Dungeon game. You’ll earn 40 points for the small bonus while the big bonus will earn you 80 points.

When a player dies, 50 points will be deducted from your points and the multiplier is also automatically reset.

The score multiplier applies to collected bonuses. The multiplier works in integer only and when you are losing a life, it will automatically reset to *1.

Upon completing the game when you reach the golden tile, you’ll receive 30 points time bonus for each unspent second.

10. Hexonix

The Hexonix game requires players to place shapes of similar color together to earn some points. The base tile will earn you 20 points when you complete a row or column.

When you complete a column or row, a 1x multiplier comes with the next spawned shape. If you complete more of it in a row, the multiplier can grow up to 85 of its original value.

You account for the multiplier when you complete a column or row square and the multiplier’s entire tile.

Your base value will increase by 10 when a column or row is completed consecutively. Once the 3*3 square completion is broken, the tile will revert to its original value: 20,

When you complete multiple rows or columns simultaneously, the awarded score will be multiplied by the number of completed columns or rows.

Arc8 is a high-adrenaline mobile gaming platform, a virtual arcade where people play mobile games and earn rewards.
Arc8 – New Era Of Play To Earn Gaming

How to Play Arc8 Games

Beginner gamers won’t struggle to play this game. The cross-platform games are available on the Arc8 app which can be downloaded by Android and iOS device users.

Download the app on your device via AppStore or Google PlayStore and have access to the entire games on the Arc8 platform. You can then go through the list and play any of the games.

Arc8 Platform and Play-to-Earn: How do they Work?

Players can earn GMEE, the platform’s native currency by participating in tournaments. You are advised to play around with the practice mode and learn the ropes and hone your gaming skills.

The free mode is always available for interested players. When using it, you’ll learn the entry cost, number of competitors, and offered rewards for the best gamers. Armed with these pieces of information, you’ll know the best way to go about playing the game. Note, though, that tournaments are timed events and are thus limited. 

Tournaments are run by GAMEE itself for different games. Although the company runs different tournaments for its games on different days, you can always find a running tournament to participate in, depending on the game you’re playing.

The Arc8 Game Guide for starters has given you every piece of information you need to play the games on the Arc8 platform.

Check the list and settle them for any of the games you are interested in and have fun playing it.