Axie Infinity Game Guide for Beginners

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Axie Infinity is one of the most exciting games for all categories of online gamers. With an estimated $3.6 billion generated income from the game, it is justifiably considered the third most popular play-to-earn (P2E) game.

Some players who are interested in playing this game have zero idea of what it takes to play it successfully.

This Axie Infinity Game Guide provides a helpful and informative guide for such players, giving them every piece of information they need to make an informed decision.

About the Game

Built on blockchain technology in 2021, the game focuses on collecting and breeding Axies as a tool each player needs for exploring the World of Lunacia.

Players can engage in different activities for their Axies. The can breed, raise, or build a kingdom for them. These are rewarding activities that will earn you incentives while growing your Axies.

There will be more use cases for Axies in the future. They will come in handy for possessing and creating land and will be exchangeable for in-game items. Then, the game’s scope will include crating a metaverse where Lunacia will be dominated by Axies.

Axies can be battled, collected, and even used to earn cryptocurrencies.
Axie Infinity – Battle, Collect and Earn

The Axie Infinity development team, Sky Mavis, has successfully created a community of Axies players, running into millions of players across the globe. The team’s primary focus is third-world countries where players are making money to overcome poverty as more inventors are buying teams for these players as well as sponsoring their battles.

Some of the notable investors behind the team include Samsung and Ubisoft. Over time, it has developed Ronin, a sidechain that eliminates Ethereum Blockchain’s insane gas fees.

Thanks to Ronin, players can sell-in game assets or exchange them for zero fees for a reasonable amount of daily transactions. This has contributed immensely to the game’s astronomical popularity increase.

In the card-based battler game, players need these little creatures to interact with other participants while exploring the World of Lunacia.

There are different Axies characters which are:

  • Battle Stats: speed, morale, health, and skill.
  • Class: aquatic, beast, mech, bug, dusk, bird, dawn, and reptile.
  • Four abilities.
  • Rarity attribute: Japanese, mystic, etc.
  • Six body parts.
  • Breed count from 0 to 7
  • Purity level from 0 to 6, 0 to 100%.

Each battle is set in a 3 vs 3 format. A player needs a minimum of one team to play the game. With each Axies possessing 4 abilities, the 3 Axies possess 12 abilities needed for whatever purpose you want to use them for.

There are two fighting modes. These are PvE or Adventure Mode and PvP or Arena Mode. The former is a multi-phase battling system while the latter is a turn-based battler.

While in the Adventure mode, you’ll be in a face-off with monsters and a boss. In the Arena Mode, you will visit the marketplace and purchase the best Axies you need to help you win against your opponents and earn the in-game tokens, SLP.

Both modes are rewarding as players are offered rewards and benefits that commensurate with their efforts. However, players are better off focusing on the PvP mode which is the most important at the moment.

If you are familiar with Pokémon mechanics, you’ll understand the game better, although it has multiple classes you may struggle to understand.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Axie Infinity players can participate in adventures in PvE, collect daily rewards, or win games in the Arena to make them eligible for the Small Love Potion (SLP) token, which isn’t the game’s governance token.

However, players can purchase the AXS, the game’s governance token. They can also exchange or stake it on Binance or other popular exchanges.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics
AXS Token -Build Unstoppable Team and Earn Cryptocurrencies

Plans are underway to allow players to earn SLPs in the future by turning their lands into events hosting centers, using their Axies to play different games, and creating fun in Lunacia.

The in-game assets are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which players can trade in the open marketplace where over 3.6 billion in transactions have been conducted.

Initial Startup Capital

Your goal determines your initial investment capital. Presently, it may cost you as low as $200 to start.

First, build a formidable team that has what it takes to win a minimum of 5 games daily in the arena while battling through PvE. A good team should have a middle laner, a tank, and a back laner. You can get the best Axies from the list provided by Axie Zone.

You can also check the leaderboard. Click the top player and Axie Zone will display the most frequently used team. Check their Axies and click through them. Then search the marketplace for similar combinations.

You may spend up to $100 for a good Axie. Although prices are given in dollars for easier understanding, all transactions on the platform are conducted in ETH.

Rewards System

Axie Infinity offers three reward systems which are:

  • Complete the daily mission and earn up to 25 SLP.
  • Complete assigned mission n the adventure and earn up to 50 SLP.
  • Participate and win games in the Arena and you may win up to 21 SLP per win.

Note that the energy requirements to earn these rewards differ from one reward to another.

  • You can get 20 energies with between 3 and 9 Axies. 5 energies are added every 6 hours.
  • 40 energies is available for between 10 and 19 Axies and a refresh of 5 happens every 3 hours.
  • 20 Axies and above will earn you 60 energies with is refreshed with 5 energies every 2 hours.

Your experience and gaming level determines your per-activity and daily rewards.

Level 1 – 4   1 SLP per win
Level 5 – 92 SLPs per win
Level 10 – 144 SLP per win
Level 15 – 166 SLP per win
Level 17 – 205 – 10 SLP per win
Level 21 – 3610 – 20 SLP per win

In Adventure Mode, you can battle special levels and earn a one-time bonus. Ruin 21 entitles you to 200 SLP while Ruin 36 will reward you with 300 SLP.

In the PvP Mode, your SLP earning is dependent on your Leaderboard ranking. The ranking is awarded an MMR that assigns the following rewards for a win:

0 – 800  0 SLP per win
800 – 9991 SLPs per win
1,000 – 1,0993 SLPs per win
1,100 – 1,2996 SLPs per win
1,300 – 1,4999 SLPs per win
1,500 – 1,79912 SLPs per win
1,800 – 1,999    15 SLPs per win
2,000 – 2,19918 SLPs per win
2,200+21 SLPs per win

Note that you need a winning team to play in the Arena to enable you to win as many SLPs as you desire. Without a team, your winning is capped at 75 SLP daily.

You can’t get far with this SLP. Hence, master the Arena and increase the number of SLPs you can win daily.

Axie Infinity Tokens

Axie Infinity promotes two tokens: AXS and SLP.

The latter is the in-game token and can be changed for another crypto on Binance and PancakeSwap or for fiat money. SLP doesn’t have in-game utility besides breeding and is the game’s reward mechanism.

Ronin helps storing digital assets such as Axies and ETH
Axie Infinity – A Digital Pet Universe 

The former is the governance token. With it, holders are empowered to shape the game’s future by supporting the ecosystem’s upgrading and deciding how the Community Treasury is used.

Users can transact on the Axie NFT marketplace with AXS. It is also the medium for determining eligibility for participation in some auctions or sales the Axie team conducts from time to time.

As an AXS holder, you’re entitled to revenues generated by the company and a portion of its staking rewards.

Axie Infinity

  • $ 13.93
  • Supply: 82,972,238.17 AXS
  • Volume: $117,619,020.00
  • Market Cap: $1,157,927,271.00

Smooth Love Potion

  • $ 0.0037
  • Supply: 39,950,978,613.00 SLP
  • Volume: $10,186,637.00
  • Market Cap: $149,086,281.00

Tips for a Successful Axie Infinity Start

Axie Infinity’s growing user base makes it a competitive game for most players. You’ll be better equipped to ward off these competitions and earn rich rewards if you dedicate some time to studying this informative guide.

You can also visit the game’s subreddit and learn some of the best combos experienced players use, great insights on the game, and effective team-building strategies.

Learn effective ways to invest in a team as a money-saving strategy. Check the Leaderboard regularly and have an insight into how top players build their teams before purchasing Axies with top-tier cards.

If you accidentally purchase useless cards, that may hurt you in the future during battles. You can’t easily sell such Axies if you eventually consider changing your team in the future.

Tips for a Successful Axie Infinity Start

Team upgrading is necessary, too. Since the game revolves from time to time, a functional team today may be outdated in a couple of months because the Meta changes.

To be abreast of developments in the Axie Infinity gaming community, keep a close tab on market trends. When new combinations of Axies are released, buy into them early to save tons of money in the future.

Once your team stops living up to expectations, sell it out at the appropriate time ne replace it with a new time. Buying and selling Axies in the marketplace is absolutely free, thanks to Ronin sidechain.

Axie Infinity keeps introducing new concepts and features, sometimes with a positive impact on the game, and some other times, such changes affect the game negatively.

Although investing in Axie Infinity is a good investment, prospective players must understand the inherent risks in doing so.

Players who have been playing the game for years have had to make necessary adjustments to keep earning substantial money from disposing of their Axies. Hence, getting ROI from investing in the game may be a bit tricky.

You must play in the Arena to be better placed to earn good rewards and become a successful Axie Infinity player. This Axie Infinity Game Guide points you in the right direction and helps you make your dream come true.