Best NFT Games to Earn Money Fast

Jamal Molla
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In this article, you will find the NFT games that will make you money the fastest!

Most gamers won’t allow the opportunity to make money while playing their best NFT games to pass them by.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and yet financially rewarding game to play, a list of some of the best NFT games to earn money is provided in this article.

What are Play-to-Earn Games?

Succinctly referred to as P2E, play-to-earn games are online games that reward participants with non-fungible tokens or digital cash.

Recently, these blockchain games have transitioned from mere industry buzzwords to mainstream entertainment platforms. They have been integrated into the metaverse where gamers are rewarded for their efforts.

Axie is a new type of game that is partially owned and operated by its players.
Axie Infinity – Build Unstoppable Teams of Axies

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a unique play-to-earn game. The battle-and-trade game revolves around Axies which are Ethereum-minted NFTs specifically for the game’s players to collect, raise, breed, and trade with other players elsewhere.

Players can choose from an impressive array of Axies. They afford players several customization possibilities that allow players to choose how to play the game and derive maximum pleasure.

Each victorious battle entitles players to earn love potions they can exchange for AXS tokens.

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As it's free to play so players can seek their fortune with alien worlds.
Alien Worlds – #1 Blockchain Game on Earth

Alien Worlds

If you are passionate about futuristic sci-fi, this adventure game will keep you on the edges, entertain you, and help you earn money with ease.

In the futuristic play-to-earn game, players can showcase their gaming skills and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience.

While playing the game, players can capture NFT alien species that will come in handy in mining or finding different items.

Upgrade and increase your odds of winning the game and earning Trillium, the game’s official currency while playing one of the best NFT games to earn money.

You can trade NFTs with the token. It is also useful for missions and battles.  

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Zed Run helps to create a stable owner and start racing now to win over 10k$
Zed Run – Digital Horse Racing

Zed Run

Horse race lovers will find this game fun to play. Zed Run players can curate horses as NFTs. They can buy the NFTs, sell, or trade them with other players.

Users also have a platform where they can breed new horses or upgrade existing ones to strengthen them in preparation for competitions.

Users can participate in horse racing competitions to earn rewards, leveraging their horse’s strengths. Upgraded horses have increased chances of winning races than regular ones.

Placing bets on other players is another money-making opportunity that players can take advantage of.

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Express yourself in the sandbox metaverse.
The Sandbox – Play, Create And Own The Future

The Sandbox

Players will find themselves in a blocky metaverse where they can build and survive. With the Sandbox, players can buy landed NFT they can use to embark on quests and earn the game’s SAND token.

They can also use the currency to build a castle or a house if they wish.

A player needs a combination of strategy, creativity, and survival skills to survive the metaverse. Players are encouraged to buy and sell NFTs at will to earn more money.

The level a player can reach is dependent on the number of items they can build on the platform.

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Here in MANA players can create, explore and trade in the first-ever virtual world
Decentraland – Create, Explore and Trade


Decentraland is a virtual reality (VR) platform where players are allowed to express themselves freely and create their 3D world.

They can buy land and develop it for whatever purpose they deem true on the platform. A land owner can build a paid game for the community or open an online store for business.

Get an Ethereum wallet to buy and store MANA currency, the platform’s digital currency. With the currency, you’re good to go and have fun while earning more rewards.

Decentraland is one of the best NFT games to earn money for the gaming community.

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With My DeFi Pet's players can create a new generation of monsters by breeding any two monsters.
My DeFi Pet – Lifestyle-Base Pet Game On Blockchain

My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a great NFT game for pet lovers. The play-to-earn game offers pet lovers an opportunity to raise virtual pets of their choice.

Besides raising these virtual pets, they can also sell, buy, and trade them on the game’s marketplace.

Players are also allowed to create their pets’ unique EFTs by customizing some of the pet’s features such as fur patterns, color, monogram style, wings, eyes, and the rest.

With DPET, the game’s in-game currency, gamers can purchase items such as food and clothes or trade NFTs via the game’s official website.

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Blankos can be sold and bought on their marketplace so hurry up!
Blankos Block Party – Good Times, Good Vibes

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is another multiplayer gaming platform that passionate gamers should check out.

On the platform, players can complete quests or play mini-games and be entitled to the in-game currency, Moola or MLA. They can purchase Blanko Bucks with their credit cards as well.

Players can also create unique NFTs with unique in-game abilities. That’s besides buying, selling and trading their Blokos to earn some rewards.

The platform’s users can trade their coins in exchange for other digital currencies through recognized external exchanges.

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Gods Unchained gives full ownership of in-game items. Collect rare cards Build deck and sell cards to other players.
Gods Unchained – True Ownership For Players

Gods Unchained

This is another blockchain-based game that offers players a money-making opportunity. While playing the game, players can collect NFT cards they need to engage in competitions.

Each of the powerful beings or Gods the game revolves around possesses special traits and abilities. Gamers can take advantage of these qualities to win games.

Players can use GODs, the in-game currency, to buy the NFT cards. They can also earn the cards by participating in and defeating their opponents in battles.

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Game players can build their fortune with star atlas.
Star Atlas – A Grand Strategy Game 

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a unique play-to-earn game inspired by astronomy. Gamers have a unique opportunity to explore the space in this exciting game.

Besides embarking on an exciting adventure, they can also trade NFTs of different planetary bodies such as the stars, planets, and more.

Each of the stars or planets in the game possesses unique features that differentiate between one planet or star and another.

While exploring the virtual galaxy, players stand a good chance of discovering new worlds and increasing their overall game experience.

You can earn either of the two tokens the game supports. These are POLIS, a governance token, and ATLAS, the game’s utility token.

Players can generate more POLIS by increasing the amount of ATLAS they own.

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Crypto Shooter multiplayer gameplay features Human and AI opponents engaging in challenging and exciting matches.
Crypto Shooter – Fast-Paced Shooter Gameplay

Crypto Shooter

If you are looking for an NFT game where you can test or hone your shooting skills, Crypto Shooter is the ideal game for you to check out.

Help Sparky to save his sparrow in this shooter-based P2E NFT game by matching and popping bubbles.

5 maps and 100 levels will be yours, what you need to explore the rewarding game and complete each challenge.

Get SparkPoint tokens by purchasing boosters and speed up your activity, a great way to achieve your gaming goals faster.

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These financially rewarding and entertaining games are some of the best NFT games to earn money around. Generate more income while having fun playing these games.