Announcement: Blockchain-Based Crypto Casino Metaverse is set to Launch in Q3 of Next Year

Crypto Casinos with Bitcoin and Ethereum


Zamsino Crypto Casino Metaverse (ZCCM), a blockchain-based virtual casino metaverse, is set to change how token-based crypto casinos work and the project is set to launch in Q3 next year. ZCCM has partnered with one of the largest decentralized exchanges in order to combine platform expertise with seamlessly integrated currencies for a complete block chain-based metaverse casino.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, players can build and monetize their own casino games in this virtual world with rewards for playing and earning revenue from their own slots will be rewarded in the native (TBA) token. That’s right – You can make your own slot machines, and the revenue from those machines is given to you in the native token.

Slots and table games will be built via the in-game editor and only requires users to upload their own artwork and choose between any of the over 100 preinstalled animations to create their own unique, beautiful or branded crypto slots and or table games.

This will create opportunities for NFT/Crypto projects to create their own slots and, in this way, monetize their community while engaging them with their project.

For user adaption, a large focus has been enabling as many wrapped tokens from other chains as possible to deposit within the crypto casino metaverse ecosystem, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. That is why apart from the native token and Ethereum, players will be able to deposit the following tokens directly:

  • WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)
  • SOL (Wrapped Solana)
  • USDC (USD Coin)
  • Ethereum
  • renDoge (Wrapped DogeCoin)
  • Native Token

Wagering, revenues, and winnings from slots and table games will be paid out in the native token and can be swapped instantly to Ethereum on UNISWAP, which can later be traded for any desired crypto. The Native token can also be staked for extra incentives in the casino such as casino bonuses, slot machine creation, and much more.

A full roadmap of the project with screenshots of development will follow soon.

We can already reveal that we plan to launch a duplicate project built on Cardano’s (ADA) blockchain. This, however, is scheduled for a launch in late 2024.