Ethermon Game Guide for Beginners

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Pokemon’s popularity has given rise to a wide range of games that shares some similarities with this super popular game and offer players a variety of revenue-generating opportunities.

Ethermon is one of the leading games that are taking advantage of the decentralized gaming concept to offer passionate gamers fun, rewards, and tons of other benefits.

This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the Ethermon game including its characteristics, features, and other attractions.

What is Ethermon Game?

The Ethermon platform has created an online simulation game ecosystem for the global gaming community to play one of the best games: Ethermon.

It is an Ethereum-based role-playing P2E (Play-to-earn) game where Ether monsters rule the decentralized worlds. Ethermon is among the first games to set the pace in the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethermon is similar to Pokemon and built around monsters, the major components of the game. Each Mon has distinct traits such as form, type, generation, and powers. The attributes determine their usefulness and power during battles.

The game was first launched as Ethermon in 2017 as the first Ethereum-based PVP battle game.

Players can adventure with their Mons in Decentraland, battle other legends, and earn as they play.
Ethermon – Decentralized World of Ether Monsters

How does Ethermon Work?

Players will collect Ether Monsters, otherwise known as Mons in this game. They will train these Mons as their soldiers and pitch them against their opponents to earn rewards while playing the variety of games and modes available in this P2E game.

When you participate in ladder tournaments, you’ll battle other players and increase your odds of earning NFT prizes and the game’s token, $EMON.

Ethermon Gameplay

Ethermon has distinct gameplay. It allows players to interact with it in 2D and 3D modes for a diverse gaming experience.

Players who choose the 2D gameplay option can visit the game’s website and have fun playing the entertaining game. Besides the regular P2E feature, this mode offers a free gaming mode and gives players direct access to the server to play the game.

Other players who are more comfortable with the 3D mode must enter the decentralized Ethermon metaverse, Decentraland, to have a shot at playing these rewarding and fun games. However, they need to connect to the Polygon network to access this mode.

In the Decentraland, Ethermon is a full-fledged 3D MMORPG where players exciting new gameplay modes and rewarding skill-based adventures and battles.

The multiplayer online RPG game doesn’t limit players to a single location. They can visit many locations in the metaverse and put their skills to use by finding and battling wild Mons to earn attractive rewards.

At their disposal in Decentraland are various commands such as Sleep, Dig, Attack, and Follow, which they can deploy to interact with their digital pets.

Ethermon offers players 3 playing modes to choose from for different gaming experiences. The available gaming mode options are:

  1. Ranked Mode

The Ranked Mode shares some similarities with other P3E NFT games. Players can play three one vs one battles. They have three supporting Mons and three attacking Mons for the job. Winning chances increase according to rank.  

2. Adventure Mode

As the name implies, players who appreciate adventure games can have a great time playing this mode. The Adventure Mode offers several adventure options with distinct features and rewards. While embarking on exciting adventures, players can earn some rewards and gain special items.

Players should note, though, that this mode restricts the number of Mod types allowed to participate to 6 out of the 17 existing Mod types.

3. 3D Metaverse

There is also the 3D metaverse, a game environment where players are allowed to explore the metaverse gaming world. In this environment, players can catch Mons, interact with and explore the game environment, as well as participate in Player vs Environment battles against other players and their Mons.

Ethermon Legend NFTs are arriving into the Ethermon Metaverse
Summon Your Legend And Earn As You Play


Ethermon rarity level determines the number of Mons available to a player. There are five rarity categories in this game which are:

1. Common: In the Common category, you can have a maximum of 500 Mons.

2. Uncommon: Players can earn up to 250 Mons in the Uncommon category.

3. Rare: The Rare category offers players up to 50 Mons.

4. Legendary: You can have up to 30 Mons in the Legendary class.

5. Mythic: A maximum of 10 Mons is available for grabs in the Mythic category.

Besides these, some other digital assets available for players on this NFT game are Level Stones, EXP Potions, and Booster Shards.

If you need Mon for gaming, visit Ethermon’s official website and purchase it. Alternatively, you can buy from other NFT marketplaces or players.

Playing Guide

Ethermon is packed with features that contribute to the game’s overall attractiveness. It has a functional marketplace where players can either trade or buy their Mons. Players who are short of Mons to battle with can borrow some from the marketplace.

Other players who have extra Mons to spare can also lend them to willing borrowers. It’s a great way to establish healthy relationships among the players and keep the game going.

How to Play the Ethermon Game

If you are new to this game, playing it is pretty simple. Follow the step-by-step guide below and you’ll be playing this awesome game in no time:

  • You need up to $20 worth of Ether to play the game. You can purchase Ether on any credible cryptocurrency exchange in your Metamask wallet.
  • Proceed to the registration page on the Ethereum website and sign up as a new player by clicking the Login button located in the upper-right corner of the website
  •  Provide a valid email address when filling up the registration form.
  • Click the Register button when you’re done filling out the form.
  • The platform will send a verification link to your email. Click the link to verify your identity.
  • You’ll be notified if your identity has been verified.

Winning fights depends on your team’s makeup. You need a team of between 3 and 6 Mons to overcome oppositions and win fights, although you’ll be better off with a team of 6 Mons.

When building your team, remember that you can’t put one Mon of similar species together. For example, you can’t put two Ommons or Kiyaris on the same squad.

If you are inexperienced, head over to the Practice Mode with three free Mons and hone your fighting skills. Learn every skill you need to battle successfully against other opponents.

Once you’ve improved your skills and mastered winning techniques, head over to the main game and battle it out with other players and earn rewards as you overcome their threats.

One downside of the Practice mode is that you can’t defend with the three Mons. You need a minimum of 6 Mons to do that. Hence, you must buy the remaining 3 Mons to defend and improve this aspect of your game.

To master the game and have fun each time you play, buy a couple of Mons and train them. Build your team and gradually let the team evolve as it becomes more powerful over time.

The game offers you an opportunity to develop your team and train it gradually while you enjoy the Pokemon-esque game built on the Ethereum blockchain.  

With this PVP Battle Game players can earn !EMON and NFT prozes
Battle Other Players in Ladder Tournaments for $EMON and NFT prizes!

Ethermon Tokens and NFTs

Recently, Ethermon introduced its $EMON token. The ERC-20 token is designed to boost the game’s play-to-earn economy.

400 million of this token is available to the Ethermon community on Polygon and Ethereum Blockchains. They can transact on the gaming platform using the in-game token. The tokens are accepted as a means of payment for a wide range of NFTs such as equipment, assets packs, Ethermons, and more.

They can also use it to advance their cause by unlocking premium content, enhancing gameplay, upgrading metas, and performing other functions that will spice their gaming experience on the platform.

  • Total supply: 400,000,000 tokens.
  • Total in circulation: 50,000,000.

How to Earn $EMON Token

The game offers players several token-earning opportunities. Some of the ways you can earn this multipurpose $EMON token are:

  • Earn MARKS first. Create NFTs with these MARKS and sell them on the Ethermon marketplace or burn them.
  • Participate in and win battles.
  • Take part in rewarding tournaments and events.
  • Engage in other rewarding activities.

Take advantage of the numerous options to increase your token amount. Hold these tokens and use them for whatever purposes you intend to while playing the game.

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