Top Free NFT Games (Free-to-Play with Rewards)

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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Game developers have recently revolutionized the cryptocurrency community by introducing free NFT games that offer players crypto rewards. Through their free-to-play and play-to-earn games, players can gradually increase their digital assets while entertaining themselves.

What are Play-to-Earn (P2E) games?

Play-to-earn games are a special brand of online games that come with a supporting native token. Players are permitted to transact with these in-game tokens. Besides buying or selling the tokens, they can play with them as well.

Players can also earn cryptos as rewards for winning games and participating in tournaments.

Top Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn games

While you may have an avalanche of P2E games to choose from, some are more exciting and rewarding than the rest.

Let us walk through a list of some of the free NFT games for online game lovers where you can earn crypto rewards

With Axie Infinity players can Battle Chimera and earn rare treasures
Axie Infinity – Build Unstoppable Teams of Axies

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has carved a niche for itself as the undisputable leader in the free-to-play gaming community.

Players can create Axies with special characters for gaming purposes. The P2E game shares some features with Pokemon, making it a household name among dedicated online gamers.

The game offers players an opportunity to earn powerful AXS tokens with the potential to determine the game’s direction.

Axie NFTs are players’ properties. They may resell them for a profit or generate more NFTs they can sell in the marketplace.

For Further Information. Visit Axie Infinity website

Pegaxy allows players to enter any race for free
Pegaxy – A World Class Racing Game


Horse lovers can check this horse racing play-to-earn game out. As a player, you can rent or purchase a Pega to race with the leading rewards in the in-game currency, VIS.

To earn more VIS rewards, Pegas’ fusion is allowed. More so, players can support their earnings by selling, racing, or renting these Pegas.

Players are also encouraged to stake their tokens and stand a good chance of being rewarded with more tokens.

For Further Information. Visit Pegaxy website

A great place to build players virtual experience.
The Sandbox – Where Players Can Build their Assets

The Sandbox

Creative people will have fun playing this blockchain-based free NFT game. The Ethereum-based game allows players to build a custom world, design games, and put their social skills to work by organizing adventures.

Besides monetizing the designed games, they can also create paid mini-games for the game’s community of players.

Put your creative skills to work by creating unique goods you can exchange for money or other creations that can earn you SAND tokens. SAND is a multipurpose token for governance, value transfer, and mortgages.

For Further Information. Visit The Sandbox website

Pirate X Pirate is a Blockchain gaming platformwhere people can earn through their adventures across the high seas
Pirate X Pirate – Blockchain gaming platform

Pirate X Pirate

This is a blockchain-based adventure game. The P2E game offers players some money-making opportunities, especially when they embark on high-sea adventures.

Players are allowed to build their fleet, recruit crew members, and battle other pirates to test their skills while making money in the process.

Your reward is determined by the ship’s size and the talent of the crew assigned to complete the job.

Larger ships are assigned to difficult adventures and are more rewarding than smaller ships dedicated to easy-to-finish small tasks.

For Further Information. Visit Pirate X Pirate website

Purchase seeds and plants from Plant vs Undead
Plant vs Undead – Grow Your NFT Garden Now

Plant vs Undead

Plant vs undead is a tower defense game. The multiplayer game revolves around a planet hit by a meteorite that turns the animals into undead to kill the mother trees.

In a twist, the evolved flora is also equipped and well prepared for a winner-takes-it-all fight with adversaries.

Players start the game with free non-NFT plants and mother trees. As they proceed in the game, they can acquire seeds they can grow into marketable plants.

For Further Information. Visit Plant vs undead website

Spells of Genesis helps to collect, trade and combine orbs to build the strongest team.
Spells of Genesis – 1st Blockchain-Based Mobile Game

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a free-to-play puzzle game that is compatible with an array of blockchains. It is a fantasy RPG play-to-earn game where players can easily earn crypto rewards.

A clear distinction between this game and others is the over 300 blockchain cards it supports such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. You need in-game crypto tokens to purchase these cards.

It comes with a play-to-earn mechanism that rewards players with crypto they can exchange for cash while playing the game.

For Further Information. Visit Spells of Genesis website

Seek your fortune with alien worlds
Alien Worlds – Popular Blockchain Games on Earth

Alien Worlds

The SciFi metaverse is this game’s location. The decentralized SciFi metaverse is powered by WAX, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

A player role plays space explorer in this rich and rewarding game. As a player, you’ll receive three types of mining equipment that will come in handy when creating planets.

While playing, hunt down Alien Coins you can easily change into NFTs or within the game. Such NFTs can be listed for sale on NFT exchanges.

More so, players can claim about 100 free crystals daily or use Aliens tokens to mine them. That’s in addition to the commission they can earn after buying an Alien World’s land pack.

For Further Information. Visit Alien Worlds website

Create scenes, artworks, challenges and more with decentraland
Decentraland – Create, Explore and Trade


This top metaverse game offers tons of earning potential. Players can buy land and sell or lend it out to interested parties after its appreciation.

They can also organize games and events for paid members, another monetization strategy. That’s in addition to offering your services to metaverse landowners and charging some cryptos for your services.

If you are creative, design wearables and forward them to the community for approval. After the approval and consent, you can mint such items and list them on the marketplace for a price.

For Further Information. Visit Decentraland website

Thetan Arena helps to battle with others and earn money
Thetan Arena – Most Rewarding Esport Game

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is one of the leading play-to-earn and free-to-play games where players are entitled to crypto rewards.

Players are given three free characters each that will support their advancement while playing the game as they gradually accumulate Thetan Coin (THC), the game’s native token.

With the acquired tokens, you are empowered to unlock advanced characters that are available for purchase in the marketplace.

Any of the evolved advanced characters are tradable as NFTs and can participate in special events.

The in-game economy is supported with Thetan Gem (THG), a governance and utility token that can be staked for more staking rewards.

For Further Information. Visit Thetan Arena website

Lucky Block is a free play to earn games where everyone will be winner
Lucky Block – Where Everyone’s a Winner

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is unarguably one of the best free P2E crypto games in 2023. Powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it is a crypto-gaming platform with innovative and unique features.

Players are offered an opportunity to win a jackpot daily. Winners can receive their jackpots in the platform’s native token, LBLOCK.

You can buy tickets for the daily prize draws for just a token of $5 in LBLOCK. As an LBLOCK holder, if you connect your crypto wallet to the platform, you’re entitled to a free ticket to the daily prize draws.

Depending on your game preference, you can choose any of these games and have fun while earning cryptos.