How to Earn Ethereum by Playing Games

Mihail Fashchevskiy
Written By Mihail Fashchevskiy
I have been in the crypto field for 4.5 years, big love for GameFi and NFTs.

In this article, you will learn more about earning Ethereum while playing NFT games.

The blockchain network has been subject to heated discussions over the past few years, many experts point it out as too risky and unstable, while others, on the contrary, say that it is one of the most reliable methods in the global financial system. If you think about it, then everyone perceives blockchain as an integral part of crypto, but is it true? Blockchain offers a lot of functionality, one of which is Non-Fungible Token or NFT

What is an NFT?

Imagine that you have a virtual picture or a very real asset. You have documents confirming that the property belongs to you and you are listed in the registry database, but the database can be faked, no matter how secure it is. What does the NFT offer in this case – it gives you digital confirmation of the ownership of this property, to transfer this property you must confirm the transaction and until the information about the transaction passes through all the blocks (on which miners earn), the property will not go into someone else’s hands, in simple terms NFT in terms of the right to own the most reliable way.

Making Ethereum Games More Trusted

NFT is not only pictures that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it is also literally everything and everywhere, you can convert every asset into NFT and deposit it on the Ethereum blockchain. The problem of the NFT and, in principle, the entire Web3 sphere lies in the distrust of society, we all have heard about financial pyramid schemes, about how some next crypto project turned out to be a scam or something like that, you need to understand that even at the time of the birth of Apple, there were people that ordinary calculators were sold under the guise of computers, but this did not stop Steve Jobs, the same situation here – no matter how much misuse of the blockchain network occurs, this will not stop the technical revolution.

More recently, NFT games have become a trend, they have become popular due to the rapid progress of Axie Infinity and the very successful advertising campaign of Star Atlas, which attracted new investors in side projects and attracted even more interest in this industry of society. To put it simply, NFT games are ordinary games but use Non-Fungible Token, almost all projects use the “Play To Earn” concept, which allows players to earn real money, but usually, not everyone is satisfied with the coins that projects offer as a reward, Ethereum sounds more interesting because So? Ethereum is not only a blockchain network and a fundamentally strong cryptocurrency, it is also a very “quiet asset” by earning you could save yourself from unexpected losses, so is it possible to earn in Ethereum NFT games?

Screenshot from Crypto Kitties

Easy games that do not require special skills

Easy games do not require special equipment and strategic preparation, in principle it does not sound difficult to play and earn money, but we know how lazy a person can be.

1. Axie Infinity. Bingo! As an industry leader, you can earn Ethereum by breeding pets, breeding new species, and selling them on the marketplace!

2. Sorare. The game is as casual and simple as possible, you do not need to have special skills because cards decide everything!

3. Crypto Kitties. Do you enjoy breeding strange virtual cats for real money? This game is for you

4. Cryptopop. The most casual game to earn money!

Screenshot from F1 Delta Time

Battle games

Do you consider yourself a strong player? Do you think you can beat others time after time? Especially for people like you, we have collected these games.

1. Gods Unchained. Fight other players in the card game and use various abilities and features to help you win!

2.F1 Delta Time. A racing game in which you can earn Ethereum by competing with other players.

Screenshot from Guild Of Guardians

Fun games

Admit it – it would be cool if the game, in addition to money, also brought pleasure?

Guild of guardians. Go through the dungeons in cooperation with the players, and fight the boss for valuable rewards!

Ember Sword. Multiplayer MMORPG game with exciting content! There are two modes – PVP and PVE.

Unfortunately, there are not so many games in which you can earn Ethereum, but at the same time, we have given you the best of the best as an example, before you start, check out other articles on this topic on our website.