The Most Exciting NFT Mobile Games

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The mobile gaming community has seen an impressive number of new entries recently, giving them a wide range of exciting games to choose from.

In this article, we give passionate gamers a breakdown of some of the most entertaining NFT mobile games for all classes of game lovers

Players are able to build strategies, create lineups and earn points with sorare. .
Sorare – Bringing Fantasy To Reality


Sorare is a unique NFT mobile game for football lovers. The fantasy football P2E game allows players to collect, buy, or trade digital cards or other NFTs representing real-world players.

Sorare is approved by over 130 football teams while scores of world-class investors including the legendary gaming giant, Ubisoft.

 Legendary footballers such as Barcelona’s defender, Gerard Pique, and Atletico Madrid’s forward, Antoine Griezmann, are powerful investors, too.

A player must assemble his team including midfielders, defenders, attackers, and a goalie while the US division of the game is open for clubs from Mexico, the United States, and Argentina.

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Forest Knight's first ever expansion is there and it kickstarts the NFT focused economy of the game.
Forest Knight – Fight Against The Evil Forces

Forest Knight

Forest Knight is ranked among the most exciting NFT mobile games. The Play-to-Earn (P2E) game is for adventurous individuals who have what it takes to protect their territories and track down the Skeleton Lord, their arch enemy.

To defeat the formidable foe, they must track down ghouls, wraiths, and dragons. The game is updated daily to provide players with more games and attractive rewards.

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Earn AXS tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game!
Axie Infinity – An unstoppable Battle Game

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of gamers’ top NFT mobile games, thanks to its wide range of attractive features and income-generating opportunities for players from weaker economies such as Venezuela and the Philippines.

As a player, you need three in-game creatures, Axies, to play this game. You can purchase hatchable eggs from the Axies labs and watch them hatch into Axies or buy these creatures directly from the marketplace.

With these creatures, you can engage in battles with other players and earn the game’s native token, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS).

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buy and sell lands and assets in The Sandbox metaverse with just $SAND token
The Sandbox – Where Players Can Play Virtual Metaverse

The Sandbox

The Sandbox offers multiple earning opportunities for game makers, artists, landowners, and a host of others. These professionals can earn the game’s metaverse cryptocurrency: SAND.

They can purchase land and create experiences such as paid games for the community, even if you have zero coding skills. You can also rent or lease the land out to earn and make money too.

The SAND governance token can also be exchanged at credible exchange platforms.

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CryptoKitties helps to buy and sell virtual cats even players can create collections & earn rewards
CryptoKitties – Collect and Breed Digital Cats


Ethereum announced its arrival in the gaming business with one of the most exciting NFT mobile games, Cryptokitties.

The gaming platform is designed for pet lovers to buy and raise visual pets. Gamers can build their digital assets by investing in the game’s token, Cryptokitty.

While reproducing more Cryptokitties, players are allowed to unlock extraordinary qualities for more rewards and excitement.

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Reward Hunters is the first game as well as Battle of Sotiras. where players can make unlimited RHT token
Rewards Hunters – Hold $RHT Reward BNB

Reward Hunters

Reward Hunters is a game for Avatar lovers and other gamers who are interested in finding out what it offers.

It is an MMO RPG free-to-play NFT game for the mobile community that allows gamers the freedom of choosing the battlefields to showcase their hunting and gaming skills.

You can test your skills and earn rewards from the game’s array of modes that include open-world combats, royal battles, fighting contests, and other earning opportunities.

Farmers can farm GOLD and NFTs within just Farmers Worlds.
Farmers World – Farm Gold And NFTs

Farmers World

Do you wish to turn your farming passion into a memorable gaming experience? Try out the Farmers World, a unique NFT mobile game where tons of excitement awaits you.

While role-playing a farmer, you’ll be pitched against fellow players with a similar passion and stand a chance to earn attractive rewards for each victory.

Players also have access to resources and special tools to give them a memorable farming experience.

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Plant vs Undead helps to grow NFT garden.
Plant vs Undead – Your NFT Garden

Plant vs Undead

If playing defense games is your thing, consider playing the Plant vs undead game.

While playing this game that ranks among the best mobile NFT games, players are saddled with the responsibility of protecting their territory.

When a Meteorite hit the planet, animals are transformed into the undead with the primary goal of killing mother trees. The evolved flora resisted the attempt by fighting the adversaries.

As you advance in the game, you’ll earn the game’s interchangeable token: Light Energy (LE).

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Simply claim your ownership of LANDs as lucrative real estate (NFT) and experience a new world of digital estate investing with league of kingdoms
League of Kingdoms- Shrine Battle With Ending

Leagues of Kingdoms

Leagues of Kingdoms is an NFT game where each player receives a map that allows them to control the game.

Several players can pool resources together to build their city and battle each other to earn rewards.

Building the economy and fighting aside, they can also engage in other money-making and rewarding activities.

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Here in mobox users get rewarded for their engagement and enjoyment.
MOBOX – Free To Play, Play To Earn


MOBOX is one of the few NFT mobile games with a simple reward-earning eligibility requirement, a player’s participation.

Specifically designed for the Android community, this game covers scores of Android NFT games that include but are not limited to MOMO Farmer, Token Master, and Trade Action.

Among the game’s excitement-triggering features are the integration of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) into the game, its mechanics, and its marketplace for every form of transaction.

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Crypto Shooter
Crypto Shooter – Fast-Paced Shooter Gameplay

Crypto Shooter

If shooting games are your thing, the Crypto Shooter is another exciting NFT mobile game you should try out.

Your responsibility is to save Sparky’s sparrow through your shooting skills by matching and popping bubbles.

With the aid of 5 maps and 100 levels, you can explore this game and effortlessly complete new challenges and earn new rewards.

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Monsta gameplay was designed with the intention of creating an exciting in-game battle experience which is competitive and challenging.
Monsta Infinite – An Extraordinary Card Game.

Monsta Infinite

Mosta Infinite’s number one selling point is its ease of playing. The exciting game won’t prove difficult for players with a diverse gaming experience.

As a player, you will participate in several battles provided you meet the basic requirement: you need at least three Monstas to be eligible for such battles. Your victory will enhance your excitement.

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The maximum priority of binemon is to spread income among diligent common players
Binemon – Battling for Glory and Riches!


Binemon was inspired by Pokemon. The NFT mobile game offers players opportunities to make money while entertaining themselves.

The super-rich game offers players several collectibles, RPG features, scores of adventures, and other features that players can look forward to.

You will have some pets you can convert into armies and participate in exciting Player vs Environment (PVE) or Player vs Player (PVP) battlefields.

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SkyWeaver is the best blockchain based  card game.
SkyWeaver – Battle, Summon, Complete

Skyweaver TCG

SkyWeaver was developed by Horizon Blockchain Games as an NFT-based trading card game. The platform game operates on the Ethereum network because it was built on blockchain technology.

In the free-to-play game, you must build a card deck with the best NFT assets as cards. Each card has a unique rarity and status for the job.

The game pits a player’s cards against other players’ cards in real-time. A player must arrange the cards in a strategic manner that places them in a better position to defeat their opponents and earn NFT and tokens as rewards.

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With lost survivors players build things to produce other things
Lost Survivors – A Fun Casual Game

Lost Survivors

Lost Survivors is the first NFT mobile game powered by blockchain technology. It is an action and excitement-filled adventure game.

Players are offered blockchain objects as rewards for their performances. You can make Kryptos while playing the game.

For more excitement, you can mine, cut woods, cook, and battle your opponents to raise the adrenaline.

The game offers players all the features that contribute to its excitement.

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If you’ve always had a hard time choosing an exciting NFT game to play on your mobile device, you have a list of some of the best NFT mobile games in the industry.

Choose from any of them and put your gaming skills to the best use, have fun, and earn attractive rewards.