New NFT Games in 2023

Mihail Fashchevskiy
Written By Mihail Fashchevskiy
I have been in the crypto field for 4.5 years, big love for GameFi and NFTs.

In this article you will find all new NFT games for 2023!

NFT games took the market by storm in the middle of 2021 – the incredible popularity of Axie Infinity, the massive advertising campaign of The Sandbox, a large number of new investments, and, as a result, a record sale of NFT for $69 million. 2022 can be considered the year of Play-To-Earn – this year, two major games have reached a capitalization of a billion dollars, and 5 games with the latest Unreal Engine 5 are scheduled to release, literally all social networks are talking about Star Atlas, and the number of users registered before the release has exceeded 200 thousand.

New NFT games

Because the industry is growing, new games appear on the market, they attract more investments and offer unique functionality, with its help you can make a profit and enjoy incomparable with those projects that are now, but unfortunately, they have a large amount of documentation that is difficult to understand for the usual user… Don’t despair! We did everything for you – we analyzed a large number of documentation and projects, their features, and real potential, and now we provide you with our Top New NFT games!

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Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a thunder in the NFT games industry, a year ago the project provided documentation and a teaser of its game, which will not only differ from all other projects but will also become a revolution.

Star Atlas is a massive space-themed NFT strategy game with a “Play-To-Earn” concept. The game contains NFTs that can be used as resources, upgrade points, and even planets! It offers you a wide choice of pastimes and earning real money – you can travel on spaceships, team up with players and gain influence on the planets, or just turn on relaxing music and collect rare resources that you can then exchange for what you need or sell!

The main feature of the project is ultra-realistic graphics, which was achieved due to the latest Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine.

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Boar War

Boar War is a turn-based Play-To-Earn multiplayer game about boar warriors, the first step will be the release of the NTF collection of 8000 boar cards – each with its parameters, features, abilities, and weapons.

In essence, this is a card game in which you can earn rewards that can then be exchanged for real money, but the most interesting is Roadmap, which has the following goals:

1. Initial placement of the main collection of 8000 NFTs

2. Focus on community and fundraising

3. Release of a women’s collection called “Boarettes”

4. Launch of the breeding mechanism (with the help of it you can receive NFT for free and de facto this is a solid increase in possible earnings)

5. Land airdrops and public sale

6. TRUFFLE token introduction (I think the truffle token may well become as valuable as in life)

7. Battle game beta release

8. In-House Item NFT marketplace release.

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Ember Sword

Ember Sword is another confirmation of the large-scale intentions in the NFT games industry, the project is not just large, it is incredibly large-scale with a lot of functionality, looking at it you get the feeling that you are playing a new modern game, but an NFT project with the possibility of making money. So what exactly is Ember Sword? It is a massively free multiplayer online roleplay game set in a player-controlled universe with a classless dynamic combat system.

Do you want to fight? You can show everything you are capable of since only your skill decides in the game.

Tired of a work day? Explore the incredible expanses of the game world by exploring new places.

Not enough money? You are given as many as 3 zones in which by fighting you can get collectible NFT items that can be sold for real money (some of them may cost tens of thousands of dollars).

Are you lonely? Cooperate with players in groups and defeat new enemies!

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RaceFi is the Solana ecosystem’s first AI/ML car racing game. The funniest thing is that in RaceFi you can earn money by enjoying different game mods, racing with other players, and taking care of your game property. In the game, you can enjoy the following modes:

pure race. You can drive a car by driving along the selected route and complete challenges for which you will receive $RCOIN

Battle race. Compete with other players, upgrade your cars and get real money for winning. Up to 8 people per race

Tournament. Show off your skills in the RaceFi Tournament, which takes place every spring and summer and you can win some very valuable prizes.

leaderboard. Get a high rank on the overall leaderboard and earn additional rewards!

The game is dynamic and very exciting, has a large number of investors behind it, and will be released this year.

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Silks is the first derivative P2E metaverse based on Play to Earn technology. These are races in which the player can earn real money.

What does derived metaverse mean? The data for the game is taken from the outside world, in other words, you can see familiar horses and familiar races in the metaverse!

Silks is based on the Ethereum mainnet, developed by Tropical Racing (a large-scale company breeds horses and prepares them for racing).

The player can earn in the following ways:

– Race Horses (win the horse race and get a reward)

– Stake Horses (lock your assets online and get rewarded for it)

– Breed Horses (you can breed horses and have the opportunity to get a rare NFT horse that can be exchanged for real money)

– Mining

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Chosen Ones

Our top rounds out Chosen Ones, a free multiplayer NFT game with a “Play-To-Earn” concept. In Chosen Ones, you can buy land and develop your kingdom, fight and grow your NTF, cooperate with players and try out your kingdom in different arenas. The game has many ways to earn money for the implementation of which you get NFT and the in-game $DGOD token.

Why is this project of interest to us? Well, firstly, its rapid growth in popularity due to the right marketing campaign, secondly, this is its roadmap – the project offers a large number of collections, guild systems, merchandise, and relaunch of the site, thirdly – a large amount of functionality and a real opportunity to earn real money so what else needed for happiness?