NFT Book Games Explained

Mihail Fashchevskiy
Written By Mihail Fashchevskiy
I have been in the crypto field for 4.5 years, big love for GameFi and NFTs.

What are NFT book games?

Documentation, collections, tickets, meat, subscription to the game, the right to own virtual real estate – it would seem that all the applications of NFT have already been used, but GaryVee does not think so. It was not in vain that I decided to mention this man.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur, writer, and author of three New York Times bestselling books, the man who turned a small family wine business into a $60 million a year business, but most importantly on August 27, 2021.

Gary wrote his new book called “Twelve and Half” and released its announcement, with an interesting condition… The entrepreneur is very interested in the Web 3 sphere and decided to create a promotion – When you buy 12.5 books, you get NFT as a gift. This statement hit like an explosion in two communities – book and Web 3, both began to buy these books and as a result of such wild popularity, the book became a bestseller on Amazon.

How does it work?

For each ordered 12.5 book “Twelve and Half” you will receive one NFT, each token is unique as it has its characteristics.

screenshot from official youtube video

15 frame types

screenshot from official youtube video

16 drawings (optimist,tenacity,patience,gratitude etc)

screenshot from official youtube video

5 spectacular rarities (lava,diamond,hologram,bubble gum,gold)

There are about 1200 possible combinations in total.

You can also get NFTs from the VeeFriends series 2 collection, for this you need to burn book games tokens and with a certain probability, you can get rare NFTs. But we warn you, you may not get anything.

Book Games features

Gary says that the project will restart again and again, releasing new collections that can be obtained by burning previous ones, this will gradually increase the value of the assets and lead to even more popularity.

In addition, if there are tokens of a certain rarity, users get access to unique conferences – speakers, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and writers.

Is it profitable to buy these NFTs?

Let’s do the math together, to buy enough books to get the NFT you need $200-$400. The average price of NFT ranges from $500 to $700, the most expensive NFT sold was sold for about $200,000. Suppose you are the most unlucky person on the planet and you get an ordinary NFT, you sell it for $500 and are already in the black by at least $100, while you have 12 more free books, you can sell them on Amazon for $10-20, that is, this more + 200$. As a result, you have +300$ for one NFT.

Yes, you will need time to do all this, but you can work on an industrial scale, the book is popular and in demand. So for example, buying about 120 books you will receive 10 NFTs, by doing the above operations you will already receive a net profit of $3000, this is a very decent salary in Europe.

GaryVee photo from official website

Are book games reliable?

Just due to the popularity of Gary, this project skyrocketed. He is an entrepreneur who created a whole corporation from a small family business that brings in 60 million dollars a year, he is a well-known and respected writer, millionaire, and businessman.

Gary sees the future in Book Games, he believes that it is possible to launch the project in such a way that the prices for NFT grow constantly due to the burning of old collections.

What does Book Games bring to Web3?

There are no limits to the possibilities of using NFTs – games, property, paintings, work, and even books.

GaryVee and VeeFriends show the breadth of NFT functionality because just think how many cheap books from a millionaire are currently listed on Amazon for $10 – $20? This is not just an income for Gary and buyers of his books, this is an incredible popularization of reading books and the author himself.

There are 14.6 million people in the US with a million dollars in assets, more than half of them actively developing their brand, and now each of them is watching a writer multiply his book sales by 100 or 1000 times at the expense of the NFT industry. Book Games is the first attempt at integrating NFTs into the book industry, and others will follow and grow exponentially.