15 Most Rewarding NFT Games for Android in 2023

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NFT games have become increasingly popular in recent times. A section of this game type with money-making opportunities has been dedicated to Android users.

If you are having a problem choosing a financially-rewarding NFT game specifically designed for the Android community, this article highlights some of the top NFT games you can check out.

What are NFT games

NFT games are a special type of online game where gamers can experience conventional gaming designs and unique game mechanisms fused into one.

This game type offers players customization powers to design different aspects of their games such as weapons, characters, and others. The goal is to make NFT games fun to play and rewarding.

Players can earn money by playing this unique brand of game, depending on what the specific game in question has to offer.

Top 15 NFT games for Android users

Below is a list of the top 15 NFT games for Android users to make money in 2023:

Homepage of Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity – That Love To Play

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is considered in some quarters as the best and most popular NFT game. The Android community can also explore this game and enjoy its rich rewards.

The free-to-play NFT game is one of the leading games with attractive rewards and incentives for passionate players.

Players are required to create their Axies with special characters. They are incorporated with special genes that strengthen them.

Players can make monetize these Axies by selling them to the NFT community. Their earnings depend on the Axie’s strength.

Visit the Axie Infinity website here.

Great land of The Sandbox metaverse
Sandbox – Express Yourself In The Metaverse

The Sandbox

Sandbox is one of the most popular and rewarding NFT games in 2023. Android users can play the game while taking over the virtual world and explore the unlimited opportunities it offers.

Sandbox is a multi-platform game that promotes investment and earning opportunities for every gamer.

Created on the Ethereum blockchain technology, The Sandbox uses a digital currency, Sand. This currency is used for all forms of transactions in the virtual world.

Every Android gamer who is interested in monetizing their gaming skills through NFT games is invited to play this game in 2023 and earn money while satisfying their passion.

You can visit The Sandbox’s website here.

Great gameplay that can provide extra earning
Binemon – The Beginning of Everything


If you have played the Pokemon game, you’ll be interested in this Pokemon-inspired NFT game with monetization opportunities.  

The game comprises several elements that make it thick and exciting to play. Players can look forward to RPG, gacha, adventure, collectibles, and other features that support its claim as a great NFT game for Android gamers.

Convert your pets into armies and engage in several battles on Player vs Player or Player vs Environment battlefields.

The game accepts three currencies that include DRK and Ambrosia for transactions. The developers plan to extend the currencies’ functionality to buying Mons on available marketplaces.

You can visit The Binemon’s website here

Just grab the unlimited BNB rewards.
Reward Hunters – Aims To Bring Interactive Gameplay

Reward Hunters

Avatar fans can have fun playing Rewards Hunters. The MMO RPG and play-to-earn NFT game is free to play.

Gamers can choose a variety of battlefields to put their gaming and hunting skills to use. They can choose from numerous game modes such as royale battles, open-world combats, several fighting contests, and more.

More so, gamers have weekly competitions, medieval settings, betting events, and a host of avatars

Shooting based gameplay that multiplayer gameplay features Human and AI opponents
Crypto Shooter – Fast-Paced Shooter Gameplay

Crypto Shooter

Crypto Shooter is a shooter-based play-to-earn NFT game where players take up the responsibility of popping and matching bubbles to save Sparky’s sparrow.

To complete each new challenge, players have 100 levels and 5 maps to explore in this lightweight and free NFT game.

They can also buy boosters at their convenience to get SparkPoint tokens. The booster will speed up the bubble popping speed and help them achieve their goals faster.  

To get additional information simply visit Crypto Shooter’s website here

A simply play to earn NFT game that is now in trend
Monsta Infinite – Leading Card NFT Game

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a great NFT game with distinct traits. Besides its ease of playing, it is also light-hearted and exciting, great attributes that make it a top game for the Android community.

Players will participate in battles. Their eligibility for such games is dependent on their ability to gather a minimum of three Monstas.

Each Monsta has distinct add-ons that include two defense cards, two attack cards, and six skill cards. With these cards, you have what it takes to excel while playing the game.

You can visit Monsta Infinite’s website here

From MOBOX Users just get rewarded for their engagement and enjoyment.
MOBOX – Free To Play, Play To Earn


MOBOX is a popular play-to-earn ecosystem where participation is the only eligibility requirement for prices.

MOBOX is an umbrella name for several Android NFT games such as Token Master, MOMO Farmer, Trade Action, and more.

The game’s uniqueness is expressed in its number of attractive features such as NFT, game mechanics, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to create a players-oriented game.

Players can create game-winning strategies to earn unique NFTs and optimize their earnings. The game also offers a marketplace where players can easily buy, sell, or exchange their digital assets.  

You can visit MOBOX’s website here

Be excited with crazy kings action-packed Tower Defense game
Crazy Kings – An Action-Packed Tower Defense Game

Crazy Kings

Crazy Kings is a role-playing NFT-based game for the Android community. It offers players money-earning opportunities during gaming sessions.

Role-playing aside, Crazy Kings players have a platform where they can consider several NFT tokens-winning strategies. The tokens help with increasing a player’s heroes’ power.

Going head to head with other players is also a norm. You can assemble an army or a collection of cards for battling purposes from the 90 available individual and collective cards with unique abilities.

You can speed up the ability-boosting by participating in tournaments.

You can visit Crazy Kings’s website here

Start to fight on the crypta planet and earn lucrative rewards
War of Crypta – War On The Crypta Planet

War of Crypta

This is another PVP game where players must compete with each other to win rewards. Thanks to the game’s NFT engineering, players are allowed to trade their in-game characters.

Gamers will start with heroes with basic shapes. Each player will develop his or her hero’s abilities with each completed gaming level.

Each hero has unique weaknesses and strengths because they are classy creatures and fantasy dragons. Over time, you can gradually turn each simple animal into an awesome one. This is a great NFT game for animal lovers.

You can visit War of Crypta’s website here

Join with unlimited players on farmers worlds nft community games
Farmers World – Largest Community of NFT Games

Farmers World

Farmers World is an NFT game designed for gamers who are interested in customized and personalized collectibles.

Players assume the role of farmers while playing the game and can compete against other farmers for rewards.

Besides participating in rewarding competitions, they also have access to special tools and resources they need for their farming activities.

Players’ eligibility to play this WAX blockchain-based game is dependent on their acquisition of a special NFT

If you are a farmer and are interested in farming-themed NFT games for Android users, here is a great game to check out.

You can visit Farmers World’s website here

Pets are always aggregable friends so save it by Tamadroid.
Tamadroid- Save a Life, Save The World


Tamadroid shares some amazing similarities with Axie Infinity. It also has some unique features that distinguish it from its competitor.

While playing this game, you will breed, train, and structure over 100 monsters you need when battling other players.

More so, monsters upgrading and customization are allowed. This is to give players the freedom to choose whatever they need to improve their playing skills and have a better user experience.

Players who need additional information and performance-boosting guidance can contact other players for advice.

For more information you can visit Tamadroid’s website

Buy & sell cats with cryptoKitties
CryptoKitties – Collect And Breed Furrever Friends


Ethereum started its journey into the gaming business with Cryptokitties. Through the game, it offers players who are passionate about pets a platform to keep visual pets.

While playing the game, you can invest in Cryptokitty and build your digital assets. Alternatively, own a digital kitten by breeding two cats.

As you reproduce more Cryptokitties, you can earn exceptional rewards for your efforts in addition to unlocking extraordinary qualities that make the game more exciting and rewarding.

The game has some desirable traits that rank it among the best NFT games that Android users should check out.

You can visit Cryptokitties’s website here

Destroy the seed of evil
Forest Knight – Fight Against The Evil Forces

Forest Knight

How do you want a game that combines blockchain accessibilities with mobile gaming to give users a memorable gaming and money-making experience?

That is exactly what Forest Knight, an incredible NFT game, offers. Players have over three gaming modes to choose from, depending on their gaming skills and expectations.

All players are expected to participate in Player vs Environment (PVE) and Player vs Player (PVP) grounds where they are allowed to rule the RPG game.

To that end, each player will forge the equipment he/she needs to play the game. That’s besides training their heroes for the tasks ahead in the Forest Knight game.

You can visit Forest Knight’s website here

CropBytes -A leading Financial Services
CropBytes – Play & Earn crypto daily


CropByte is another free-to-play NFT game inspired by farming for agriculture-loving gamers.

Players can participate in the game’s in-game community and take advantage of the available mint services to build their cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in building your farming portfolio around animal rearing or land extension, the game’s farming metaverse offers you a platform to make your dream come true.

While playing this high-paying game, you can enter the game market and effortlessly trade your NFTs.  

You can visit CropByte’s website here

league of kingdoms is a blockchain based battleship game
[League of Kingdoms] Shrine battle with ending

League of Kingdoms

In this NFT game, each player is given a piece of the second map in the game that they can control.

Leveraging the tool at their disposal, players can work together to build the economy and start a war by turning against each other.

Besides fighting and building the economy, the game also allows players to engage in any activity they are passionate about to make the game not only exciting but rewarding too.

To keep abreast of other players and be well equipped to win battles, ensure that your stockpiles never run down by replenishing them promptly.

You can visit League of Kingdoms’s website here

NFT games have become increasingly popular recently. Besides getting tons of excitement, players can also earn money while playing their favorite NFT games.