Best NFT Games List 2023

Jamal Molla
Written By Jamal Molla
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This has been a bittersweet moment for the entire online gaming community. While they are awed by the avalanche of NFT games to choose from and entertain themselves, choosing the best game is difficult.

In this article, we offer such players a helping hand by trimming down their options to the 10 best play-to-earn NFT games list for easy selection.

Here is the list of the best P2E NFT Games with their features and incentives:

Play, Trade, and Earn anywhere at anytime with Splinterlands
Splinterlands – Collect, Trade, Battle!


Splinterlands combines challenges and rewards to make it one of online gamers’ most impressive games.

The blockchain-based game is built on the unique HIVE blockchain with distinct attractive features that distinguish it from Ethereum-based games.

Gamers will be entertained by features that include potion upgrades, frequent airdrops, awesome designs, and amazing card packs that make it one of the members of the NFT games list.

The mobile game is designed for Android and iOS audiences.

For more information visit Splinterlands website

Gods Unchained gives players to complete ownership over their in-game items.
Gods Unchained – The Best Trading Card Game

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained shares some similarities with another popular game, Hearthstone. It is the blockchain version of its predecessor in the gaming community.

The cards that players will use to play this game are verified on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, all players have absolute ownership of their assets.

Play this exciting game and stand a good chance to buy digital land and invest in the virtual real estate industry.

For more information visit Gods Unchained website

Axie Infinity uses cutting edge technology called blockchain to reward players for their engagement
Axie Infinity – Battle Chimera and Earn Rare Treasures

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity’s inclusion on the best NFT games list is justified. It is considered by gaming enthusiasts and critics as one of the most exciting NFT games ever.

Inspired by the legendary Pokemon game, the Ethereum-based Axie Infinity allows players to create Axies, special creatures they need to go into battle with other players.

Each victory takes them a step towards achieving legendary status and earning impressive rewards from the game.

Regular updates by the development team and the game’s growing player base are testimonies to its popularity in the gaming community.

For more information visit Axie Infinity website

MANA is the world top class virtual destination for digital assets
Decentraland – Create, Explore and Trade


Decentraland is a unique game which is described by gaming experts as a decentralized virtual world. On the Virtual Reality (VR) platform, players can create 3D worlds for themselves.

While playing the entertaining game, they can also purchase digital lands which they can develop for any purpose that catches their fancy such as an online store, an estate, and more.

As one of the best NFT games list members, Decentraland can only be played by gamers who have Ethereum wallets.

The wallets come in handy for buying and storing the platform’s digital currency, MANA.

For more information visit Decentraland website

Players can win as many battles and can get gold, dust, crystals with war of crypta
War of Crypta – Battle Your Foes

War of Crypta

War of Crypta is a PVP game where victorious players are richly rewarded for their efforts. The game is engineered to allow players to exchange their in-game characters for money.

Every player is given a level playground: start with simple heroes and gradually develop them as they complete each game level.

The heroes have unique strengths and weaknesses that players can leverage to win battles. As you move from one game level to another, your heroes are strengthened.

Animal lovers will derive much pleasure in playing a game on the NFT games list.

For more information visit War of Crypta website

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world where players can build their community and sell virtual land.
The Sandbox – Build, Own, and Monetize Gaming Experiences

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a rewarding game for Android users. Players have an opportunity to explore the unlimited opportunities in the virtual world where they operate.

As a multi-platform game, players from diverse backgrounds are allowed to take investment lessons and avail themselves of the earning opportunities it presents.

The Ethereum-based game uses SAND, a digital currency available for players to conduct different forms of transactions in the metaverse.

As a feature-rich game, The Sandbox deservedly makes the NFT games list for all categories of online game players.

For more information visit The Sandbox website

At 9Lives Arena players have complete freedom to create the hero of their dreams.
9Lives Arena – A Competitive Online RPG Game

9Lives Arena

9Lives Arena is a Player vs Player role-playing game with unique features such as account progression, permanent death, mobile device-controlled crafting assistants, and others.

The competitive online RPG game offers a platform where players can develop their characters in preparation for the battles ahead.

You’ll fight in the training arena where there’s no room for losing any lives. After each successful fight, you’ll gain valuable loots and talent points to customize your abilities and spells.

9Lives Arena isn’t a game for the fainthearted but fearless, adventurous gamers looking for excitement with their gaming skills.

For more information visit 9Lives Arena website

War Riders seeks to be fully transparent about the token economics where users can buy rare vehicles
War Riders – Next Generation Blockchain-based Game

War Riders

If you’re looking for an MMO action game set in the post-apocalyptic era, War Rides checks the boxes.

Players have a goal: acquire garages and vehicles that will position them as the most powerful army in the fictitious Wasteland.

To achieve their aim, players are free to customize their vehicles with custom weapons and style parts, whatever they need for battles. Their garages can be upgraded and customized too.

While playing the game, players can earn, Benzene (BZN), the game’s native token. Besides that, they can accumulate in-game objects such as weapons, vehicles, and others which are players-owned NFTs.

For more information visit War Riders website

Dissolution is a free to play game where users can earn cryptocurrency by playing.
Dissolution – A Free To Play Game


How do you fancy competing territory and resources with rogue AI that is hell-bent on running you over and taking over your territory?

Find out in this awesome free-to-play NFT game by teaming up with experienced gamers as you fight for your territory. You will also experience intense PvE and PvP battles for the real world.

As a part of its efforts to give players a memorable gaming experience, the developers integrated high-level visual fidelity and realistic economy into this blockchain-based NFT game.

Ember Sword is built around the philosophy of "gameplay first" and will feature challenging end-game PVE, hardcore PvP, a living economy, and much more!
Ember Sword – The Ultimate Sandbox MMORPG

Ember Sword

Ember Sword isn’t a random NFT game but one packed with a classless combat system and a player-driven economy.

The free-to-play MMORPG tests each player’s strength and knowledge, weapons they need to be victorious when they are tested on the moon of Thanabus.

The game features hardcore PvP, end-game PvE, and a host of other meaningful end-game content that make it the choice of experienced gamers.

Listed on the NFT games list, Ember Sword is a unique game that won’t only test your skills but reward you according to your performance.

For more information visit Ember Sword website

Here’s your list of the best P2E games at your disposal. With their distinct features and rewards, these games will entertain you and reward you for successful battles or completed tasks.