Star Atlas NFT Game (Full Guide)

Mihail Fashchevskiy
Written By Mihail Fashchevskiy
I have been in the crypto field for 4.5 years, big love for GameFi and NFTs.

This is our complete game guide for the NFT game Star Atlas.

Agree, everyone is incredibly tired of boring NFT games, imagine how bored people who play Axie Infinity instead of work – simple and boring gameplay, weak graphics, lack of normal rewards …

I am very glad that I had to write a review of such an incredible game as Star Atlas, it has not yet been released but I have known it for a long time, and even had a small collaboration that showed me to the full how people are involved in the project and how much they burn.

Star Atlas is the game that in a few years will revolutionize the entire gaming world, and you, dear viewers, will shake your head and think why I didn’t notice it before. This is a complete revolution of NFT games and the entire Web 3 environment – an innovative approach, full dedication to the project, real income, versatility, and a successful marketing campaign that attracted hundreds of thousands of players even before launch. The game is scheduled to launch in 2023.

This guide is different from all that you will find on the Internet, it contains all the information that will give you great help when starting a project (which will happen soon), as well as tips and insiders (which do not violate agreements) from the author.

About 10 months ago, I collaborated with a large crypto investor who himself drew attention to Star Atlas and asked me to create reports – Before that, I saw only boring games with ordinary graphics and poor functionality, what I saw at that moment shocked me, it’s like watching a trailer for a new game that a big company like Ubisoft or Rockstar games is working on. A few months later I was lucky to work with the Star Atlas team and after that, I fell in love with this projectMihail Fashchevskiy, article author and investment analyst with many years of experience.

Unfortunately, there are very few worthy reviews on this topic on the Internet, usually, they are carried out very superficially and abstractly, right there you will find what you were looking for.

What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a virtual game metaverse, all actions in it take place in 2620. After many years, three main factions emerged in the world:

MUD territory (ruled by humanity)

Region ONI (unification of alien races)

Ustur Sector (android controlled)

The above factions are constantly fighting for

• Resources

• Political dominance

• Territorial conquests

When you start playing, you will become a citizen of the Star Atlas metaverse and will be able to influence the intergalactic conflict, turn political situations in your favor and receive real rewards for this.

To put it simply, the project is a huge metaverse with factions that will constantly fight among themselves (something like World Of Warcraft) and you have to choose your side.

The game uses the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine which takes the graphics to a whole new level.

Space Age Technology

A huge breakthrough in existing technology for you to enjoy futuristic and completely innovative gameplay. The project uses the Nanite Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, which makes the game ultra-realistic and attractive.

Star Atlas is built on the Solana blockchain, which makes it more relevant and secures the game as a serverless, absolutely secure process.

The game contains non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the form of valuable resources, their sale and exchange create a completely independent economy in the game.

Space combat in Star Atlas - official screenshot

Description of the gameplay

In the gameplay of Star Atlas, in terms of its capabilities, I would compare it with World Of Warcraft, try asking yourself the question – “What can a WoW player do?”, The answer will be “Everything”. So is Star Atlas, we don’t even have an abstract answer for you on how much you can do in this game.

The gameplay is set up for you to have fun and earn money, but judging by the documentation, the game will have gameplay that is in no way inferior to the latest games. You must understand that the project has reached such a scale that the well-known IBUYPOWER and other large projects conclude contracts with them. This is a point that is very poorly covered in all the reviews that I have seen before, but at the same time, it is key to judging Star Atlas.

In-Game Economy

Let’s remember the famous NFT project Blankos Block Party, in it, you can earn NFT for completing in-game tasks, but there are a few:

1. Limited withdrawal

2. Absurd commissions (for example, the first NFT received costs $1.90-2.10 in the market but the transaction fee is $2)

3. Lack of real ownership of the asset.

Star Atlas is a very brave guy and the in-game economy declared by them speaks about this, they erase all restrictions – your earnings are unlimited, the withdrawal is unlimited, the transfer to fiat currency is unlimited, and all digital assets belong to you – this is the future.

I will not hide that I am in love with this project, but look around at the existing NFT games, how limited are they? Remember the limitations in earnings in Axie Infinity or high the highest commissions in Blankos Block Party

Decentralized Autonomous Corporations

The game has a unique guild system, it’s no secret that the game has a lot of all kinds of earning opportunities – capturing territories, extracting resources, and political influence, all these will be in great demand to dominate in certain regions, players will be able to unite in guilds.

At the beginning of the game, the user can choose one of the factions and then join either a group of players or a guild, they will be in great demand since dominance in the region will mean a real increase in earnings. All the relationships between the players will not be regulated in any way and this encourages competition within the game, the better you are a strategist and the more friends you have, the more you can earn.

In-game professions

The game has the concept of Play-To-Earn and in-game professions are one of their main parts, you can choose a job that suits you and get real money for it, you can upgrade your career to become an increasingly highly specialized specialist.

“Examples of roles:

Transport, Rescue, Freight transport, Repair, Construction, Refueling,

Miner, Rescuer, Entrepreneur, CEO, Broker, Bounty Hunter,

Pirate, Smuggler, Data Processor, Commander, General,

Mercenary, and Scientist. The ship’s crew members also have individual

station roles such as Pilot, Engineer, Repairman, Scanner, Science,

Shooter, Mercenary, Rescuer, Energy Manager, Janitor, Cargo

Brigadier, hangar master, rescuer, researcher,

Military leader, military general, private, sergeant, rookie, cargo smuggling foreman,

and captain” – taken from the Star Atlas documentation.


Have you ever seen Ultra HD intergalactic battles in NFT games? Now you will see, that this is a very important aspect of the game that you will encounter all the time. You have already got acquainted with the professions and the possibilities of developing empires, all these moments will occur either under the pressure of other players or during direct battles with them. Each ship has a gun turret and missile bays, as well as turrets (ballistic, energy, and destructive) that give you the ability to attack the enemy, but keep in mind that they can also have similar protection.

There are a large number of weapons in the game, but I thought that it is not so important to write here, the most important thing that you should understand from this point is the intensity of the game, all battles, and all actions in the game will take place in constant epic confrontations between players, a big role here will be playing your skill and your ability to think critically, so always be ready!

Deep space exploration

All the planets and stars you see can be visited by you, after hard battles, you can relax and go to explore a large galaxy and new planets for you. You will personally control the spaceship and enjoy Ultra HD graphics that will make your gaming experience even more intense.

Modular station design

This item in the Star Atlas documentation is described very vaguely, and most reviewers of the game did not mention it at all. This item in the gameplay means that in the game it will be possible to install different buildings and upgrade them. Space stations are used for mining useful resources, but as they are pumped, they can become storage. Also, space stations can be used as:

Shipyard (for shipbuilding, repair, refueling, configuration, and docking), refinery (for processing raw ore into higher tiers), Hangar (for long-term storage of ships), Retail (for manufacturing and selling components and advanced materials), University (for training and crew recruitment), cargo (for storing materials and components) and defensive (for building turrets to protect the space station and its inhabitants). – taken from the Star Atlas documentation.

This is a very important part of the gameplay, as it completely affects your earnings.

Star Atlas spaceship - official screenshot

Upgrading your spaceship

All ships contain components and crew members that improve the performance and features of each spacecraft. Each ship has innate traits suited to specific specialized tasks, for example, some ships are well suited for your fights, and some for long journeys. A very important aspect of improving a ship is the collection of a crew deck, for example, if your crew members studied at the same university, then you will receive a bonus for the characteristics, and so on. At the same time, incorrect collection of the crew and components can, on the contrary, lead to the imposition of a debuff that will worsen the performance of your ship.

Star Atlas Features

Blockchain system in the game

Blockchain is a decentralized, secure, secure network for storing your digital assets. Star Atlas management cannot take an asset from you even if they wanted to, it also gives rise to a real right to ownership of the asset, all assets will be on the blockchain (unlike some projects ????.)

Serverless Massively Multiplayer Online Game

A rather important aspect that the developers announced in their documentation, but based on my experience, not everyone understands what it is. Due to the high throughput on the Solana system, the game allows up to 50 thousand transactions per second, which removes the need for a backend, makes it possible to record data in real-time, and generates a large number of opportunities for the game’s functionality.

Unreal Engine 5

Star Atlas is a blend of ultra-realistic graphics with addictive gameplay and multifunctional NFT earnings. The game uses the Nanite Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, which was released just last year. Nanite is a new virtual geometry technology that allows you to render scenes faster than regular mesh rendering and changes the model creation process.

Star Atlas space station - official screenshot

Game modes

The game offers you unique and irreplaceable gameplay, you can mine or stake, extract resources or conquer lands – it’s up to you, our job is to show you how unique Star Atlas gameplay is and how much attention to detail the creators paid.

Role Play Gaming

Immerse yourself in the gameplay and feel like a part of another universe! The game has a mining system which is then branched into other types of earnings that generate the blood vessels of the game. You can build your career on your specialization, cooperate with other players and earn more from it.

This item shows that the developers have taken on a very difficult task – to create a project where you can get good money and have a very good time.


Travel on spaceships in the metaverse and study various terrestrial objects. If you find a space object rich in resources, then you can fully explore it and extract valuable resources, then sell them on the in-game market. This is a very smart project solution, imagine space in Ultra HD Graphics and travel through it + you can get real money for this, in my opinion, it’s incredible.

Space flight simulator

“The beauty of space sci-fi adventures is to manually pilot or control your spaceship into the vast unknown.” – this is how the developers characterize this model.

You can travel in space by controlling your spaceship in the first person, don’t forget about the ultra-realistic graphics, you can only guess how amazing it will look.

The presence of this game mode gives us a sign – this will not be a simple boring game where you can earn money, this is an innovative game project that will be in trend for a very very long time and can become the leader of the NFT gaming industry.

Grand strategy

A mode in which the game motivates the player to bet to increase his empire. You can establish strategic trade routes using offensive and defensive tactical plans. In this mode, the player interacts with the metaverse using a star map. In simple terms, this is a strategic mode that is very important, it says that the game needs an understanding of tactics and strategy to gain an advantage.

Such a concept gives rise to both unification of races and, in principle, competition between players, because everyone will try to develop their empire in the direction of extracting more profitable resources.

How can I earn using in-game assets?

Star Atlas is a multifunctional game in which there cannot be one way to earn money, we cannot create a “Play-To-Earn” section and stick a dozen paragraphs into it, we decided to break the earning opportunities in the game into several categories that you can familiarize yourself with, now we will show you how you can earn money using in-game assets

Professional career

Pre-purchased assets help you increase your earnings from your professional career (mining, piracy, etc.)

Asset Speculation

Instead of using assets directly in the game, you can speculate with them, buy low and sell high – that’s the whole secret of success.

Node staking

Stake in-game assets to passively grow your portfolio.

Fundamental project analysis

Let’s look at Star Atlas more broadly, the gaming industry is breaking records in terms of earnings, but at the same time, less than 1% of games released have a stable audience of more than 10 thousand active daily players, Star Atlas already has 300 thousand subscribers in social networks, and 200 thousand people signed up for the pre-launch of the game. If we assume that the number will not change, then the game in the first days of launch will receive about 100 thousand active players, about the same number as the top games received at launch.

What is the audience for Star Atlas? It brings together 2.7 billion gamers worldwide and millions of crypto enthusiasts from Web 3. The game will be a fun, intense game with a real Play-To-Earn concept, its in-game economy and general approach to the game are completely different from the NFT industry. Very serious investors have already invested in the game, the audience is growing exponentially, and experts call the project the future leader of the niche, so what’s the secret? No one hopes that Star Atlas will become something like Mass Effect but with the possibility of earning, most likely the game will exceed all expectations but still be far from the top games outside the Web 3 environment but the question arises, does it need it? The presence of ultra graphics, addictive gameplay, potential earnings comparable to a real salary, and all this seasoned with innovation from Web 3 is already a revolution, and a revolution is always an application for a niche leader.

Let’s look at the leader of NFT games – Axie Infinity, due to the bearish trend of the Web 3 market, the project is completely atrophied from earnings, you are offered to deposit $700-800 and earn a penny, yes, I agree that there is speculation, breeding, and scholarships, but we should only watch from the point of view of the most ordinary player, and from this point of view, the project, to put it mildly, has lost its appeal. In addition to falling prices and earnings, I would bring to your attention the graphics, fascination, and intensity of the gameplay of Axie Infinity, as a person who has played this game, I can say a lot that these game parameters are very sagging. In general, its popularity was imposed only at the peak of Axie Infinity prices, and with the news about how people from the Philippine Islands massively quit their jobs to earn money in the game, what can Star Atlas offer? The project is also dependent on the state of the Web 3 market, but there is a strong difference – the gameplay, the game is interesting to play and we can judge this from the documentation and the trailer of the game, you just look at what the developers write, a lot of professions, battles, and seizure of territories – this is a dream any gamer. Therefore, gamers will have a big influence on the development of Star Atlas, and given that the developers have an ace up their sleeve – a release date (which they should start at a quiet time for Web 3) the project will take off.


Absolutely everything in the game, from minerals to entire planets, will be represented as non-fungible tokens. All new NFTs will be issued by developers with caution and volume analysis of possible inflationary consequences. Simply put, the developers will do everything possible to ensure that the release of new NFTs does not affect other players by lowering prices, Star Atlas can only be praised for this leadership.


This is not just an NFT marketplace, it is a completely universal in-game marketplace. You can sell NFTs of any kind here for real money. and post a job! Just think, this is an in-game LinkedIn, for example, if you are good at fighting or versed in trade, you can go to work as a hired employee for real money, it will be very comical if the payment for this is higher than that of real specialists.

You can also simply analyze the in-game market and its dynamics, buy resources at a discount and sell them more expensive during a shortage, earnings for such actions can reach thousands of dollars.



Atlas is the game’s main token and will act as a lubricant for Star Atlas. You can buy it or get it for work in your specialization. You can spend it on anything, whether it’s a crew, a ship, tools, or rare resources.

The currency will be a strategically important point for doing business inside the game, calculate your income and expenses in such a way as to come to an ideal balance.


Polis is a multifunctional state token that is used both in the economy of the game world and in the game world. Remember we talked about political influence? It is the Polis token that is responsible for this and its quantity, if you have a large number of tokens, you can even restrict certain types of activities in your territory or impose taxes, tolls, and so on. But Polis represents the right to vote, not dictatorial power, but if you collect a mono-majority, you can become a real king.

In the future, the presence of the POLIS token in the hands of the players will allow them to influence the real world as well! Specifically, they will be able to independently make decisions on the development of the project, the economy, and the gaming trend.

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Exclusive inside

The author of this article worked with Star Atlas, the cooperation was for a short time, and, alas, I cannot disclose all its details, but I can objectively evaluate the work of those people with whom I had to work.

I worked with a middle and senior project manager, as well as with ordinary employees, and I can say that absolutely all of them live projects and are involved in them to the maximum, there is also a very serious discipline and deadlines always come first.

I liked working with them and the atmosphere that I saw inspired me to write a review of this game, a successful game!

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