Upcoming NFT Games (Complete List of 2023)

Mihail Fashchevskiy
Written By Mihail Fashchevskiy
I have been in the crypto field for 4.5 years, big love for GameFi and NFTs.

«Playing instead of working» sounds like childish madness, but it`s turning into reality. The irreversible process of the web 3 spheres has been launched, and it will provide more and more opportunities to easily get money.

NFT sales approached $25 billion by the end of 2021, every year the market breaks new sales records and attracts more and more investors.

How does it work?

You play the game and for reaching a certain time in the game or certain actions you receive a reward in the form of NFT or tokens that can be exchanged for real money.

You most likely have a question – where will they get the money from and why should they pay me?

To access the game, they usually ask for NFT as subscriptions + commissions for using the platform, all projects are unique, but usually, they create a need for the game currency of players outside the platform, both for earning and collecting, and in this way you pay the platform by playing, replenish their turnover and at the same time you receive money, this is called the interchange of funds, which is the key in such projects

6 of the top upcoming NFT games in 2023

Most NFT gaming projects are difficult and have a high price entry, it Is very difficult for a beginner to determine the right one.

Documentation, market situation, technical issues – we analyzed a large number of projects based on this point and selected the best projects for you with great potential for easy money. We considered and selected only those projects that will bring money in the long term and you will know about the reliability of the platform.

  • Star Atlas – This game is a future leader in this field, and an absolutely innovative game with incredible graphics, functionality, and a large number of ways to earn rewards
  • Silks – P2E game that bridges the real world and the metaverse
  • RaceFi – first AI/ML car racing game on the Solana ecosystem
  • Polygonum – Cross-platform «open-world» game
  • The Walking Dead Empires – P2E game of the famous franchise developed by Ember Entertainment with the support of Gala Games

Let`s take a deeper look

Trust is good, verification is better. In addition to the above points in projects, there are a lot of factors that affect profits, risks, and difficulties. We have collected the most necessary and valuable information about projects and recommend them for your review.

Title image of Star Atlas in their trailer

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an upcoming NFT game in 3D with realistic graphics and a lot of emphasis on gameplay, unlike their competitors who create 2D boring games – Star Atlas created a game, a real game using Unreal Engine 5’s allows for a cinematic quality video game that you want to play again and again.

There are three factions in the game, each of the factions is fighting for resources, territory, and political dominance.

The metaverse introduces a unique gaming experience through the combination of both traditional core games and blockchain mechanics.

The platform has two in-game coins and NFTs, coins are used as in-game currency, they can be earned by doing a lot of work in the game, NFT`s are used as the right to own the territory

In the game, you can build a professional career that will affect your real earnings, it`s literally like a career ladder in an office but without the boring routine.

Pre-purchased assets provide convenience for mining, rescue, pirating, freight, bounty hunting, imperialism, crafting, retail, ship storage fees, refining fees, repair, refuelling, defence, offence, and jump point travel fees.

Having earned inside the game, you can buy a territory or a valuable resource in the form of NFT on it, the platform provides a lot of opportunities for the internal economy, which will allow you to develop in-game entrepreneurship and investment.

The project has provided a successful marketing strategy, which is why it has a community of hundreds of thousands of players even before its launch

It only takes 0.01 SOL to start the game, which is equal to less than a couple of dollars.

Website: https://staratlas.com/

Image from Silks website


Silks – is a play-to-earn platform game about horse racing. It is based on a metaverse which is a parallel horse race from the real world. Silks positions itself as the first true NFT «derivative gaming» project.

What does it mean?

In order not to dive into difficult technical terms and documentation, here is a simple explanation:

Silks bridge the connection between the metaverse and the real world, so in a virtual form you will real horse races and things from the real world

These data sets will then be ported to the Silks metaverse by thousands of contributors and used to create an economy and experience that closely corresponds to that of the real world.

Members can earn rewards in the Silks ecosystem by:

  • Staking horses
  • Racing horses
  • Breeding horses
  • Mining (verifying and publishing data to the ecosystem)
  • Contributing to the Silks ecosystem in various ways

The game has an NFT called Silks Avatars, they grant your right to ownership of in-game resources and avatars, by the way, to buy a horse the player must purchase an avatar which is a de facto payment for a game subscription.

Website: https://www.silks.io/

Main image of the Guild of Guardians website

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG P2E game where the player can build a dream team and earn real money from it. The main concept of this project is the ability to sell and exchange in-game resources.

As the developers themselves write – «Every year in the mobile industry, players spend 100 billion on in-game items that they do not own»

Play-and-earn mechanics is based on the fact that players can enter the game for free and at the same time earn NFT and tokens.

You do not need anything to start earning, but there is always one «but», your earnings depend on the pumping of your team, and you can pump it for resources that can be received from the game or bought from other players.

There are 220K people on the official waitlist, it was developed by @stepicogame. Analysts say that the project will become one of the leaders in the mobile «play-and-earn» market.

According to the developers, the launch is planned for «early 2023»

Website: https://www.guildofguardians.com/

RaceFi website page


RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on the Solana ecosystem. In the RaceFi metaverse, the player can earn money by playing various game modes, collect profit from in-game property and interact with the game ecosystem.

The game is built on the latest graphics engine – Unreal Engine 5, which gives the game incredible realism and possibilities.

The native platform currency of the game is the $RACEFI, used for all in-game activities, one of the main in-game resources is cars and their upgrades, which can be purchased for $RACEFI

The game has two modes – PVE(player vs environment) and PVP(player vs player), in each of them the player can earn. To start using the car you need gasoline(as in life). Twice a day the player can get gasoline for free, but if he wants to ride more, he still has to buy either from the platform or the players

The team consists of highly specialized specialists in their field, which gives even greater confidence in a successful start.

The platform has 55k Twitter followers and is backed by major crypto companies, has an active marketing strategy, and wants to announce a release date soon.

Website: https://racefi.io/

Polygonum gameplay screenshot


Free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT marketplace where supply and demand are controlled by users. The platform offers many options for earning – NFT marketplace, character upgrade, and sale of skill points. According to the developers, their project combines the features of crypto and regular games, which is why they are unique.

      The graphics are simple, but the project is interesting, for example, it is divided into 3 zones (farm,pvp, and PvE) where everyone will find something to do

The first zone is the farm zone where the player can feel safe and focus on farm real money, there is free storage, a workbench, item improvement, repair, NFT marketplace, NPC sellers, and quests, you can also build a farm and invite your friends.

PVE zone is almost a safe place, divided into subzones with different levels of enemies, the higher the level of the enemy, the better loot falls from it. Extraction of loot, ores, completion of NPC quests, enemies (wild animals and zombies)

The most dangerous zone is the PVP zone, with zombies, player battles, and hear bounties, but at the same time, the most valuable rewards are here.

Website: https://polygonum.online/

Gameplay screenshot from game trailer

The Walking Dead Empires

An MMORPG game based on the legendary series, a multiplayer on the blockchain where the player can fight zombies, collect valuable items and explore different locations.

The game has gained incredible popularity due to cooperation with Gala Games (which is one of the leaders in the crypto industry). The developers offer favorable conditions and show gameplay which shows that the game is almost finished and has an exciting game process.

The well-known company Ember Entertainment (the creator of Survival Z) are developers of this game, which already has extensive experience in creating such games, based on the words of the developers, the game will be different from a boring 2d crypto game, it will be «an exciting play-to-earn game»

There are three types of activities in the game –

Battle. Create weapons and fight for survival or domination.

Create. Create a base on your land and defend it either from zombies or from those who want to take what you have.

Collaborate.  Invite others to defend your territory and get rewarded for what you have built. Grow together, fight together and maybe…you will survive

One of the main assets in the game is the land and what is built on it, the right to own it is confirmed by the NFT which can be sold/bought/exchanged. With the help of your territory, you can earn rewards that can be exchanged for real money.

The social structure is also very developed in the game, because the larger and stronger your union, the greater the chances of your survival

From your point of view, as a player, this is a great opportunity for long-term earnings in the game, the platform is developed by a well-known company and invested by a leader in the field, which indicated the serious intentions of the project, I’m already silent about the fact that the game is from the famous franchise.

Website: https://twdempires.game/

Wrapping up

All these projects are just part of the NFT gaming industry this year, it’s like a fighter jet moving and increasing speed. Interest in Web 3 and making money while playing is growing and it`s an obvious process, people want to find a way to make money without working and…Now it`s real!

Based on our list, we can conclude that Silks and Star Atlas are the most promising for making money, in addition, they will become leaders in this industry.

In addition, we draw your attention to RaceFi and Polygonum to bring innovation to the industry, RaceFi uses the latest graphics engine and has a large abundance of P2E functionality. Polygonum is a cross-platform multiplayer, which gives it a great advantage over competitors.

Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated and The Walking Dead Empires has franchise support, a major crypto game developer, and leading investment funds.

The P2E industry is developing and provides many opportunities, use our material and start earning!