Best Online Casinos in Japan 2024 🎖️

Are you looking for online casinos available to players in Japan?

In recent years, Japan has made moves to reform the legislation regulating casinos. You can now use a land-based casino in the country for the time being.

The good thing is that you have many options in this category. Dozens of offshore casino sites welcome Japanese players; several even have Japanese-language versions of their websites. In this post, we'll go through the 15 best possibilities for you. We'll also inform you about what games you can play, what payment methods you may use, and much more.

These are the best online casinos available in Japan right now!

Zamsino Japan Head Banner Zamsino Japan Head Banner
freshcasino casino logo
50 デポジットなしスピン

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ Doors Of Fresh (BGaming)
  • ✓ コード: EXCLUSIVE
  • ✓ 60,000円までは100%
vulkanvegas casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 70 ボーナススピン
  • ✓ ビッグバスボナンザ
  • ✓ 最低入金額1,000円
bonscasino casino logo
30 ユーロの無料現金

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 登録時
  • ✓ コード: ZAMSINO
  • ✓ 200% の初回入金ボーナス
bcasino logo
¥500 登録時無料

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ ï¿¥50,000 カジノボーナス
  • ✓ 100% ボーナス
  • ✓ 50回のボーナススピン
verdecasino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ Book Of Sirens
  • ✓ 賭け金 x3
  • ✓ Â¥2,500 カジノボーナス
unique logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 登録時
  • ✓ 200% 最高 $500
  • ✓ 100回のボーナススピン
joocasino logo
¥12000 カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 100 フリースピン
  • ✓ 暗号通貨
  • ✓ 100% ボーナス
alphabook casino logo
200% 最大 $1000

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 最低入金額 $10
  • ✓ 毎週 5% キャッシュバック
  • ✓ スポーツブック
winsroyal logo
10 デポジットなしスピン

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ コード: ZAMS
  • ✓ 100% 最大 $500
  • ✓ 100 ボーナススピン
livecasinohouse logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 50% 最大 250 USD
  • ✓ 最低入金額: 20 USD
  • ✓ 初回入金
joy casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 5ドル以上の初回ご入金で10ドルプレゼント
  • ✓ 賭け条件10倍
  • ✓ ボーナスコード: zamsino
galaxyno logo
¥500 登録時無料

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ ï¿¥50,000 カジノボーナス
  • ✓ 100% ボーナス
  • ✓ 50回のボーナススピン
kingbilly casino logo
100% 75,000円まで

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓100 ボーナススピン
  • ✓ ビリー王の本
  • ✓ 最大勝利数なし
1bet casino logo
$ 750 カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 100% ボーナス
  • ✓ コード: 1BWEL500
  • ✓ ライブカジノ
mrbet logo
200% カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 最大22500円
  • ✓ 100 ボーナススピン
  • ✓ Valley of the Gods
roobet casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ すべての純損失の 20%
  • ✓ 毎日最大 200 ドルを獲得
  • ✓ 暗号通貨
vegasplus logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 登録時
  • ✓ 125% 最高 $750
  • ✓ 100回のボーナススピン
conquestador casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 200ボーナススピン
  • ✓ Midas Golden Touch
  • ✓ 100%ボーナス
justspin logo
¥12.654 カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 100 フリースピン
  • ✓ デポジットなし
  • ✓ 100%のボーナス
lilibet casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 非粘着性ボーナス
  • ✓ 100%ボーナス
  • ✓ 10%のキャッシュバック
nitro casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ スロット
  • ✓ ルーレット
  • ✓ ライブカジノ
lucky niki casino logo


  • ✓ 100%ボーナス
  • ✓ $20最低保証金
  • ✓ 毎週のボーナス
23 logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ ヴァンパイア対オオカミ
  • ✓ 100% ボーナス
  • ✓ コード: BON1
lasvegas casino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 20回の追加スピン
  • ✓ 死者の書
  • ✓ 100%ボーナス
betwinner casino logo
¥40,000 カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 25% キャッシュバック
  • ✓ 100% ボーナス
  • ✓ 1 ユーロの最低入金額
888 casino logo
$200 カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 25ボーナススピン
  • ✓ コード:SPINSON
  • ✓ 100%ボーナス
intercasino logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ $500 ウェルカム キャッシュ
  • ✓ 賭け条件なし
  • ✓ 暗号通貨
vera & john casino logo
$1.000 ドルのカジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ Starburst
  • ✓ $10 ドル無料
  • ✓ 100%のボーナス
fastpay logo

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ Â¥12000カジノボーナス
  • ✓ 100ボーナススピン
  • ✓ 100%ボーナス
casinoin casino logo
1 BTC カジノボーナス

18+ | 利用規約が適用されます。

  • ✓ 15 フリースピンを 4週間
  • ✓ ブラックジャック
  • ✓ 100%のボーナス

📌 Best New Japanese Casinos

It's not as easy as it sounds to choose the best new online casinos in Japan. There are so many parts to a good casino that it's hard to choose the one that's best for you. There are a lot of sites out there, so it's important to do research before choosing one.

You should look for a casino that has been around for a long time and has good reviews from other players. It's always a good idea to check out how many games a site has, as that can give you an idea of how well it does. Check out these top Japanese casino sites if you want to play slots and other fantastic casino games.

📌 How to Select the Best Japanese Online Casino

Japanese internet casinos are growing in popularity. Many individuals desire to play at these casinos, but they are unsure how to do so. Here are some pointers for picking the best Japanese online casino:

📌 Choose one with a variety of gaming options.

Find a casino that has a diverse selection of games, such as slots, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other table games, as well as roulette and craps. Additionally, look for an online casino that provides live dealer games like live dealer roulette or blackjack.

📌 Examine their reputation.

This is one of the greatest techniques to determine whether or not a website is authentic. This may be accomplished by reading reviews from previous gamers. If you notice that a website has a lot of negative comments, you should avoid it.

📌 Check that you are familiar with the rules and regulations.

Each game offered by Japanese online casinos has its own set of rules and restrictions. Before playing any games on the site, be sure you understand them. This way, you won't be confused later on.

📌 Discover how many people are using the site.

The more popular sites tend to have more players than those that don't draw huge audiences every day of the week. So if you want to spend time alone with your buddies, make sure there aren't too many people around!

📌 Inquire with Customer Service about their payment options.

Find an online casino that has excellent customer service and quick payments. You want an online casino that will reply swiftly when you have queries or difficulties with their software or website design, so you can start playing right away with no delays or headaches from their end. If you are waiting for your winnings from the site, a sluggish payment period might be annoying.

📌 Popular Japanese Casino Games

When you think about gambling, you usually think of slot machines and roulette wheels, which is understandable. The most popular online casino game in Japan is slots, which make up 41% of the market.

But what about the rest of the games? In terms of popularity, where do they rank?

To get an answer to such a question, we examined the 2017 Japan Online Gambling Report. While slots are the most popular, they are not the only game in town: blackjack is a distant second at 15%, while baccarat is a close third at 14%. Other games like craps (1%), video poker (1%), and keno (0%), which are less popular, still bring in a lot of money for casinos. It is similar to slot machines, but there are a few differences. It's more like a pinball machine than a slot machine, and instead of reels or wheels, many of them use little steel balls that bounce around in a tray.

These games are popular in Japan and may be found at specialized pachinko parlors, which are comparable to typical arcades. Pachinko requires a certain level of ability. Some players see themselves as “professionals” They know how to optimize their chances depending on where they place their ball at the start of the game. However, it remains a game of chance, with no means to improve your chances via talent or understanding.

📌 Blackjack

Blackjack is one of Japan's most popular online casino games. The game is played by two people, each with their own deck of cards. A dealer distributes five cards to each player, followed by one card face-up to each player all at once. The game is won by the person with the best blackjack hand. This game needs a certain amount of skill, strategy, and luck!

📌 Video Poker

Video poker is one of the more recent games to acquire popularity in Japan. Video poker machines work similarly to slot machines, except instead of spinning reels, you are given five cards from a normal 52-card deck. The goal of this game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over before the dealer deals out five more cards from the deck.

📌 Japan's Best Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses are the most generous among Japanese gaming sites. There is really very little diversity among the deals available from the companies supplying Japan. They're virtually all of the same sorts, with just the sums and terms and conditions varying.

Let's look at what that offer type entails and what kinds of benefits you may get.

📌 Matching Deposits

This sort of deal is completely prevalent in Japanese casinos. In fact, practically every brand has some form of it. That's not always a negative thing, considering many programs provide extremely large incentives.

They entail the casino's “matching” your initial deposit, as the name implies. The sum is usually between 100 and 200 percent, and the match is given in the form of a bonus rather than cash. This may then be used to make bets instead of your normal balance.

However, there is one huge disadvantage here: the dreaded ‘rollover requirement.” This implies that any bonus cash won must be wagered a specified number of times. If you win 1,000 JPY and there is a 5x rollover, you must wager at least 5,000 JPY on games before you may withdraw your earnings.

📌 Bonus Spins

These are the second form of prize you'll earn from online casinos, in addition to the previously stated bonus money. Some casinos offer free spins as part of their welcome offer when you make a deposit. Other casinos offer them as part of ongoing promotions.

Again, the name speaks for itself. These are essentially tokens that you may use to play various slots instead of paying real money. However, some terms and conditions will apply, with the most frequent being a win limit.

📌 Is it legal to gamble online in Japan?

The Japanese government has an ambiguous attitude towards casino gambling. It has been authorized to utilize a land-based casino inside the Japan flag symbol-nation flag country since 2018. However, using internet casinos remains prohibited. As a result, there are no native casino brands in Japan.

In theory, if you were ‘found' accessing a foreign casino site in Japan, you might be fined. In actuality, similar to Singapore internet casinos, the authorities simply do not enforce this ban. So, even though it's technically against the law to gamble online in Japan, there's not much chance you'll be punished for it.

📌 Japan's Gambling History

Gaming is a popular hobby in Japan, with the Japanese government legalizing and regulating several types of gambling. Despite its prominence, few people understand how gambling got to be so common in our nation.

While gambling was popular in Japan throughout the Edo period, it remained outlawed for much of the early 1900s. Even simple games like bingo were not permitted in Japan until after World War II. The cause of this gambling prohibition is unclear, although historians suggest that it was enacted to protect residents from the perils of addiction.

The Japanese government started to allow different types of gambling again in 1953. This decision was taken to encourage tourism and economic development, since gambling may be a driver of economic growth.

In Japan nowadays, there are several sorts of legal gaming. Pachinko parlors, for example, are quite popular and are comparable to slot machines. Except that they are played with small metal balls that players can exchange for prizes; betting on horse races, bicycle races, and boat races are also permitted; and lotteries and Mahjong are available.

📌 Land-based Gambling in Japan

In the 1930s, the Japanese government legalized horse racing as a form of gambling. Around this time, the government began to strictly control gambling activities, limiting who could gamble and where they could gamble. Motorcycle and boat racing was permitted by the government in the 1960s. It launched lottery games and Pachinko in the 1970s (a type of pinball game). In the 1980s, sports betting became popular, and it is still permitted as long as bets are made on two or more events.

The Japanese government has been quite stringent in its efforts to promote regulated gaming. Slot machines were not permitted until 1999, and they could only be found in major hotels, with a maximum number of slot machines per hotel. In 2016, the Japanese government made laws that said casinos could be built in certain places, as long as they were connected to a hotel or convention center and didn't have more than three floors.

📌 Popular Japanese Casino Payment Methods

The following are some of the most prevalent payment options in Japan.

📌 The Venus Point

Venus Point is the most popular payment option in a Japanese online casino. It is a prepaid voucher that can be used to finance a casino account and is a secure and simple method to deposit. It does not require the creation of a bank account or the possession of a credit card or debit card, and it is not tied to any other service that may be impacted if the money is lost.

Venus Point vouchers may be bought at kiosks around Japan and used to finance a casino account by inputting the code into an online casino's banking interface. The money is instantly ready for usage, and players may make deposits whenever they want without waiting for their money to clear from their bank account.


In Japan, JCB is one of the most commonly used payment methods in online casinos. Since its introduction in 1961, the card has expanded its worldwide reach. In reality, JCB is Japan's second-largest credit card firm. It has over 86 million members and works via a network of over 29,000 retailers.

A JCB card is an excellent choice for making casino deposits because it is dependable and simple to use. You may also make deposits in a variety of currencies, which is useful if you're playing at an international casino site.

📌 iWallet

The iWallet software enables you to manage your personal accounts and make online payments and deposits at your favorite gambling sites. This method of payment came out in 2019, and it has quickly become a popular way for Japanese gamers to pay online.

One of the primary benefits of utilizing iWallet as a payment option is that you do not need an iTunes or Google Play account to make payments at online casinos. This means that hackers and other scammers who try to get personal information from users won't be able to get to your sensitive information.

📌 Bitcoin (BTC)

According to current statistics, Bitcoin is one of the most popular casino payment methods in Japan, accounting for more than half of all transactions. Despite the fact that Japan has a booming and well-regulated land-based casino sector, gamblers choose Bitcoin for its ease and security. The tendency is hardly surprising. According to experts, cryptocurrency is growing more popular in Japan because of its simplicity of use and minimal costs when compared to credit cards or other payment options.


What Is The Name Of Japan's Gaming Regulator?

The Japanese gaming regulator is the Japan Casino Regulatory Commission.

Is It Legal To Gamble Online In Japan?

The quick answer is yes. The lengthy answer is that it's difficult. Online gambling is permitted in Japan under specific conditions. The first condition is that the Japanese government permits the online casino, and even then, the funds must be sent via a specified bank account. Outside of this framework, online gambling is not deemed lawful.

Which Casino Games Are The Most Popular In Japan?

Mahjong, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Punto Banco, Slots or Fruit machines (pachinko), Craps or Dice Rolling Slots are the most popular games of chance (Pachislot).

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