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Welcome to our UK casino specific page that will be focused on UK casino sites 2018.

There are some things that you are better off knowing before venturing any UK online casino sites.

This will mainly be about payment methods, bonuses, providers and much more. We will tailor your UK casino experience.

On this page, you will find what you need for a great UK feeling on the casinos we provide.

You just focus on picking whichever casino you see may suit you the best. We’ll take care of the rest!

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UK casino guarantee

If you want UK targeted casinos with bonuses then this is the page for you.

We have taken quite the effort to make sure that all of the casinos you can find on this page are targeted UK casino sites.

All the welcome offers found here will also be eligible for UK customers that pays with Great British Pounds.

UK casino sites with GBPTo begin with we will let you know a few of the things we have looked at.

When sorting casinos there is many things to think about.

A lot of the times want to make sure to get accurate information by asking the support one extra time.

Many times, doing so have been rewarding both for our own use and for our visitors with Zamsino.

Below you can find the main things that we investigate.

  • UK players are allowed and eligible for casino bonuses
  • Licensed by the UK gambling commission
  • British employees
  • British support agents
  • Has GPB as an available currency

Why UK casino sites with GBP are better

So why would you choose a UK casino site?

We’ll first of all if you are British this makes a lot of sense already.

But one of the main reasons to make sure a casino with GBP is UK approved is that they have better bonuses.

Apart from other English speaking (2nd language English speaking persons) might be from a lower valued market.

In these cases, you cannot get as good bonuses as you can on UK casino sites.

Also, as we are up to date with which casinos are the best for UK players which also help a lot if you are looking for a new online casino in the UK market.

It also has to do a lot with the security of your identity and money.

By having us verify that a casino is a good secure casino you are less likely to end up in trouble with identity theft.

We are simply removing all of the bad options leaving you to simply select which UK casino that you like the most.

Below you will get to know a lot more about which available gaming licenses that are the most common ones.

As a gambler in the UK though you do not have to worry so much as you are only eligible for gambling within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

License for UK gambling

There are various iGaming licenses that companies are using in order to provide gambling services online.

The one that we use in the United Kingdom is called UKGC or UK Gambling Commission.

This is one of the best and most developed iGaming licenses in the world.

Britain was very early with making clear that a regulated sustainable market was the only way to move forward.

Many other countries are following their example right now many years after that they see how good and effective the regulation is.

Known international iGaming licenses

The most known iGaming licenses in the industry right now that casino sites use are the following:

  • MGA – Malta Gaming Authority
  • UKGC – United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • CGL – Curacao Gaming Licence

These are the most used licenses in and around Europe.

Many of these licenses allow that you target unregulated markets which is the biggest reasons that they are still so popular.

What to think about when comparing UK casinos

One of the more important things to consider when you are looking for UK casino sites is that we only compare good casinos.

Which casino that will suit you the best is very individual.

Some casinos are focused on big players while some might be focused around players that likes to play with free spins.

Make sure to pick an online casino that will suit your play style the best.

Those are the online casinos that you are going to enjoy the most!

Different casino games in the UK

Some of our casino sites are focused on straight up casino gameplay.

Some might be more focused towards other products like sports betting.

Most of our gaming sites that offer betting are focused on both casino and betting equally so the casino product isn’t necessarily worse in these sites.

Same thing is important regarding welcome casino bonuses.

You might be to in to larget bonus amounts or you may be attracted to less amounts with lower wagering conditions.

These are all things to take in account when choosing your new UK casino site website.

We usually suggest that you try out the live chat before making a deposit. In this way, you can get a hint of how their service is like before you actually need it.

We have done this several times and it really pays of in the long run for when you need help.

Also take an extra look at their opening hours so it suits your day rhythm.

UK casino bonuses

You will always be attuned for at least one casino bonuses when playing through Zamsino.

However, you are not obligated to participate in casino bonuses.

You have the option to contact the support in order to cancel any unwanted bonus.

Make sure that you haven’t played any spins with the bonus active because this can mean that you cannot cancel the casino bonus.

All bonuses mean that you get extra funds and or spins to play with for making a deposit with one of our casinos that we post about.

The bonus amount can also be called “free bonus” which is the actual term for free money.

Other casino games in the United Kingdom

mobile casino sites ukWhile being an active player with one of our UK casino sites you will get invited to play various casino games for UK players.

This is a lot of fun and you may discover new fantastic online gambling products you didn’t even knew existed.

It’s good to check your email once in a while as this will help you keep track of all campaigns that our UK casino sites are sending out to you.

These might include promotions where you can play other fun casino games like video poker and roulette for example.

Regardless of what products you fancy the most we are sure you are going to enjoy these promotions.

Best mobile casino sites in the UK

Mobile casinos are exploding in popularity and we are not surprised.

Almost all casino sites are very focused on providing an excellent experience for mobile casino players.

This is a very trending endeavour from most casino operators.

Their competition is also very good for us players as this will force premium products for us to enjoy!

We can guarantee that if you play with our mobile casino sites you are sure to have an excellent experience when playing online casino from your mobile phone.


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