Live Dealer Casinos in the USA

In this article we will help you compare the best live casinos available to US players in 2019.

Players all around the world are reporting that they prefer winning and losing against another human, as opposed to a random number generator which most real money live dealer casinos use.


Shortly put, people prefer to play with other people and not computers. All the casinos listed here are licensed and from some of the greatest developers within the casino business.

So, if you are here to get the real experience of playing real money live casinos then you are at the right place!

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the best live dealer casinos in the USA

Our top live dealer casino list

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Find the correct information about online real dealer casinos listed below.

Table of contents


How do I play?

Choosing casino

System requirements

Live Games

Final Words


Follow this article to make sure that you know what to have in mind when picking a live casino to gamble at.

There are tons of live casinos to choose from but do not fear, we have done the research for you already.

On this site we have collected the best live casinos along with premium tips from experienced players.

Live casinos explained

Live casino is a combination of digital and real casino gambling.

Real people, real experiences and real bets.

You make a deposit, place your bet and start the game just like in an ordinary casino.

What happens next is the live croupier starts spinning the wheel, flipping the cards or throws the dice in real time with you watching everything go down live.

It is very quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to play online.

Often it concludes of a live video to one of the many croupiers who you could not tell the difference if she/he was at a real casino or not.

Therefore, I recommend having a decent internet connection because if there is one thing that deters from the experience, it is lag.

But we will go more into depth about that later.

One thing that players like the most about live casino is that the croupier is free to interact with the players, and players among players.

This further helps to create the atmosphere of being in a real casino.

You can chat with the dealer and sometimes even able to control the live video feed controls.

Some of the most popular games in live casinos range from live blackjack, live poker, live baccarat and live roulette.

How do I play?

On most sites you can spectate games, which is a great way to learn how to play before you sit down yourself.

There are also plenty of YouTube videos to look up if you are curious to play the best american live casinos

First, you need to fund your bankroll.

Then you choose what live game you want to play.

You choose a table and then you jump straight into a game.

It is very similar to an ordinary online casino but with everything designed to make it feel as real as possible.

What to consider when choosing casino

One thing to look out for is video-lag.

Often it is related to the user’s internet connection or computer, but we have had reports of certain sites being slower than others which has been factored in our list of the best live casinos in the USA in 2019.

Anything that will ruin your experience even in the slightest is a thing to consider when choosing, seeing is there are so many options.

Check where the casino is based and where their croupiers are located because someone streaming from Estonia might not give you the casino experience that someone live from Las Vegas will.

When it comes to what games are offered, the selection is pretty much the same wherever you go.

If you are looking for something specific, then obviously it should be a factor when you choose.

But the single most important thing for players seems to be chemistry between the dealers and the player.

To have a nice atmosphere when playing will make your gaming experience so much better.

There are rare instances where a live dealer makes a mistake, but do not worry because every single game is being recorded.

If you witness a mistake being made, then do not hesitate to contact whoever responsible the live casino section wherever you are playing.

And no, the dealer cannot see you.

System requirements

We here at Zamsino recommend that you have an up to date unit and a decent internet connection. Some sites might require you to download Adobe Flash or an equivalent program.

Also make sure that whatever browser you are using is up to date.

To do this the easiest way you just search for the browser and re-install it, the version now installing will be the latest one available.

Live Games Explained

Here is a quick explanation of a few of the most popular live casinos games.Play real money live casino with Zamsino

Live Blackjack

The classic blackjack game is certainly in the Top 3 of most popular live casino games.

The reason why is because in this game you play directly against the house, which is represented by the live dealer.

For you to win your hand you must get a hand of 21 or as close as you can to 21 without going over.

If you do, you lose.

If both you and the dealer get the best possible hand which is 21, then the rounds usually count as a draw.

You can split cards if you get doublets.

This is the closest experience you can get to a real casino and it comes with a multitude of advantages, one being the ability to look your dealer in the eyes.

Live Roulette

The traditional casino game of Roulette is another one in the top 3 most popular casino games.

If not played before, most people will certainly recognize this game with its spinning wheel with black, red and 1 green bar.

Roulette offers you the ability to have multiple bets going on at the same time allowing you to spread out your bets and increasing the chance of winning.

This game allows for all kinds of different bets, including the high paying one of a single straight bet with odds up to 35:1.

Live Texas Hold’em

The most famous poker game in the world, with a virtual experience with real money and real people.

The final game of our top 3 most popular casino games is this classic game of cards.

Most gamblers will have played a version of this some time in their life and the reason why is simple, it is fun!

Often accompanied by a faster tempo, a game of Hold’em can get intense, real fast.

Like every other live casino game, you are accompanied by a live dealer live chat.

Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed this live casino guide for American players.

We expect that you will now have the knowledge to properly choose what casino to play at, which factors to include when choosing and that you have a proper system to play at.

And please remember to play responsibly and to have fun!


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