NJ Sports Betting Sites List 2021

Although New Jersey was one of the first US states to legalize online casino gambling, Delaware pipped it to the post in legalizing online sports betting. Since then though, New Jersey has actually outstripped Delaware to become the leading destination for online sports betting in the USA. All-in-all, NJ currently offers bettors a choice of casino games, live dealer options, poker rooms and even sportsbooks to keep you entertained. And all of this can be accessed both offline and on, making the industry one of the most accessible ones in the States.

Top list of NJ Sports Betting Sites 2021
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When will sports betting be legal in New Jersey?

NJ sports betting sites became fully legal a little time after the rest of the gambling industry was legalized. While online casinos were around since 2013, it wasn’t until 2018 that sportsbooks also became legalized; a process that wouldn’t have happened at all without the help of New Jersey lawmakers helping to push this gambling option forward. Now, it’s one of the foremost destinations for anyone wanting to participate in such events, thanks to the wide range of options available to you when you join a site.

Sports Betting Bonuses in NJ

Play on NJ Sports Betting Sites with Big BonusesOnline casinos commonly offer a bonus to new players signing up and sportsbooks are no exception. Sportsbooks in New Jersey all know the importance of customer retention and create their bonuses with that in mind. Similar to casinos, these bonuses are usually comprised of both match deposit bonuses as well as no deposit bonuses in order to cater to all types of players and budgets. In order to help you out, we list the best bonuses from all of these different sportsbooks so you can choose.

One of the more common sports betting bonuses is the match deposit which is awarded as a welcome bonus. This option can also be given as a reload bonus for those of you who choose to stick around a little longer-term when playing at the sportsbook. Match deposit bonuses require you to make an account with the sportsbook and then deposit some of your own money. The sportsbook then matches this bonus to a specified amount, often 100% – though this will vary. It means you get more to play with!

The other type of bonus is the no deposit bonus. Again, you will be required to make an account with the sportsbook in order to claim it, but this time you will not need to make any deposits. No deposit bonuses come in different forms too; sometimes they are awarded as a small amount of credit added to your account. However, more commonly, they will be given as a free bet, which you will be able to use on a range of different sports and events.

Choosing a Quality NJ Sports Betting site

We list the very best NJ sportsbook sites right here, but how do we determine which ones we recommend? Well, there are a number of different factors we consider when choosing the best bookies. As a starting point, we always make sure that the sportsbook is licensed. In this case, they must comply with the regulations set out by the state of New Jersey and will hold a license from the New Jersey Gambling Division. Sportsbooks that do not have a license should be avoided.

As an additional aspect of security, we also make sure that all our recommended New Jersey sports betting sites have SSL encryption protocols in place, which means that any data you submit to the site is protected and cannot be used by a third party. You can usually tell if a site is protected or not by the locked padlock icon, which can be found in the URL menu bar. Other features we look at include the general setup of the site as a whole.

If a sportsbook has a mobile app then this is an added bonus, but this is not a prerequisite for being featured as one of the better options. We also consider the payment options that are available, making sure that there is a wide range of options for you as well as checking out the limits that are in place when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. We test out the customer service to make sure you can get in touch easily, and finally look at all the sports offered.

What Sports Can You Bet On?

At NJ online bookies, the amount of sports you can bet on is enormous, and rightly so. Once you have signed up to a site, you’re able to choose between almost every sport you can think of. American favorites, such as baseball, basketball, American football, and hockey, are all prominently featured across such sites. But there’s also an ample selection of smaller sports or those popular overseas such as soccer, tennis, and MMA. In short, you’re going to be able to find something that you enjoy.

When it comes to online sports betting, these sites also offer a range of different events within each sport for you to choose from. Big events such as the Super Bowl will often feature in a separate category with its own specific bets so that you can really enjoy selecting the best option for you. Other big events and tournaments will vary depending on the sport and the popularity it holds. There’s even the option for live betting at some sites, helping to make things even more fun.

If you’re interested in horse betting online then there are a ton of options for that as well. While it is legal to bet on horses online, NJ does have a few requirements in place that do restrict you in terms of what you can and can’t do. Currently, horse racing betting is offered through only a few select sites, with some sites not allowing any betting bar handicapping races. Paired with the actual racecourses though, some online sites are offering simulcast betting options, though it’s easier to do in person.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Sports Betting Online

  • Wide range of sports to choose from
  • Competitive odds
  • Great selection of markets

Cons of Sports Betting Online

  • Not all sports are available
  • If you are part of the sports community such as a trainer/player etc, you cannot bet

Sportsbetting Odds in NJ

The best NJ Sports Betting Sites with Free BonusesContinuing on with finding the best site to bet on sports, we always take a look at the betting odds and markets available at sportsbooks. As there are a lot of different sportsbooks popping up within the state, there is growing competition. What this means is that sites will try and offer more lucrative odds than each other in an attempt to tempt you to play at their sites. Odds will change regularly, however, so it’s a good idea to keep abreast of what’s happening in the run-up to an event.

It’s also important that you understand sports betting odds in order to utilize them appropriately and effectively. Sports odds simply refer to the likelihood that an event will happen. For instance, whether one team will beat another. The higher the odds are, the less likely it is to happen, and vice versa. It’s that simple. On top of that, you will need to understand how to read the odds given to you. Most sites will offer odds in American format, but you can also switch to Decimal or Fractional if you prefer.

The types of bets you can make are also important, though often you will find that this will vary between the different sports and the tournaments available. More popular sports or events will always have a bigger market, allowing you to make more specific bets. For instance, in the Super Bowl, rather than a simple bet on which team will win, it’s possible to make more specific bets such as who will score first, which player will get the most points, what the scores will be per quarter, and more.

Responsible Gaming in NJ

A final thing to consider is responsible gaming within New Jersey sportsbooks. Part of the licensing of these sites requires them to have responsible gambling protocols in place for their players. This is in order to help you if you run into any problems while gambling such as becoming addicted. Sportsbooks that do not have such options in place to help players can actually run the risk of forfeiting their license through non-compliance with the gambling laws. As such, we check this out for all sportsbooks we review.

Responsible gambling is all about helping you, the player, make the right decisions when continuing to bet online. Sportsbooks can help you in a number of ways. For instance, many bookies will have information on betting so that you do not get carried away or continue chasing losses. More tangible factors in place include actually providing you with the time you have been playing, the amount you’ve spent, and what you’ve won or lost. This data can help you keep track of your progress and inform how you play in the future.

Sportsbooks will also have stricter measures in place too. If you’re finding that you’re constantly playing multiple sports betting lines and not getting anywhere, then you can actually restrict your own betting. This can be done through self-imposing strict deposit or betting limits on yourself to keep yourself within your own budget. If you’re really struggling, sites will offer the ability to self-exclude from 6 months to life. There are also hotlines such as 0800-GAMBLER you can call to get some help with your gambling problem if you need it.

How to Gamble

Once you’ve made the decision to start gambling at an online sportsbook in New Jersey, then there are a couple of things to consider. First, you will need to make an account with that site. In order to do so, you will need to fill out the registration form, providing correct personal information including your full name, date of birth, physical address, and email address. You will also likely be asked for your social security number as well as asked to create a password for the account. Once verified, you can get playing.

Starting to place bets

Once you’re online, you can then get betting! If you want to do that, simply head on over to the sports section of the site and find the sport you’re interested in. Selecting your preferred sport will bring you to all the current options for that time period. You’ll also find a betting slip with all the odds and markets available. All you need to do is input how much you’d like to bet, what bet type you’d like and the outcome you think will happen. And that’s sports betting explained!

Final Thoughts on NJ Sports Betting

At this juncture, we have covered all the important aspects of legal sports betting in New Jersey. The important things to remember are that you should choose good, secure, and safe online bookies to play with. Check out our list of recommended sites or use our guidelines to select your own. Once at a sportsbook, it’s all about having fun, being responsible, and taking advantage of the best betting options in the state. So, check out our top NJ sportsbook list and get playing now.

NJ Sports Betting FAQ

Can I play at a sportsbook legally in NJ?

Yes, you can. Online sportsbooks were made legal in 2018 in New Jersey, which means you can enjoy gambling on a range of sports, all completely legally. There are some caveats when it comes to betting on horse racing, for instance, and you can’t bet on college games.

Are online sportsbooks safe?

If you choose the right sportsbook, then yes, New Jersey sportsbooks are completely safe. In order to make sure that you’re playing somewhere secure, we recommend choosing one of our suggested top sportsbooks in the state or following our guide on how to pick the best site.

Can I get bonuses at online sportsbooks?

Most New Jersey sportsbooks will offer you a range of different bonus options. These bonuses can include a welcome offer matching your original deposit, free bets, and in some cases even free credit added to your account for you to use however you would like.

Do I have to be in NJ to play?

You can sign up and play in demo mode at any online sportsbook in New Jersey. However, as you won’t be able to make real money bets unless you’re within the borders of New Jersey state, this can be a bit of time wasted for you.

Do online sportsbooks know my location?

Yes, they do. This is because all sportsbooks in New Jersey will use geolocation software. This is in line with a ruling by the New Jersey Gambling Division which requires this of the casino. Sometimes you will be falsely denied access by this software as it tends to be more cautious.

What sports are offered?

Great NJ sportsbooks will offer a huge range of sports for you to choose from. Not only will they have a ton of different sports, though, but you will also be able to access and bet on a range of different tournaments and events within each sport.

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