Real Money Blackjack Online in the USA

Blackjack online is a popular and fast-paced game against the dealer.

One reason why you should play Blackjack online is the wide variation of games available for US players. In the online casino, the gambler has an opportunity to play up to 209 hands in an hour.


In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about playing Blackjack online for American players. Our team at Zamsino has combined experience of over 20 years in the casino business.

Join us as we uncover the details of this exciting game.

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Find the correct information about online blackjack listed below.

Table of contents

How to play



Live Blackjack

Why Online?


Strategies and Tips



How to play

The first step when playing blackjack online is to choose your wager.

You will need to click on a chip that has your preferred denomination.

After clicking on the denomination of the chip, click on the betting box.

To increase the bet amount, click again on the same box and this will add a chip with a similar amount.

In order to completely change the bet, click “clear” and start again.

If you do not wish to make a deposit, then you should look into no deposit casinos where you will get a welcoming bonus of real money to play for!

If you want to deal a hand, you will need to click “Deal button”.

Immediately, a dealer will begin to deal the cards.

Have a look at the cards and mark the face up card of the dealer.

You will see the point value of the card without having to calculate this yourself.

In the next step, you will need to decide whether you would like to Hit, Double or Stand.

Rules of online blackjack

The good thing with Blackjack online is that it has some pretty simple sites blackjack online usa

The dealer will give you 2 cards and will show you one of his.

You can choose to double the bet when you stand, hit or split the bet if you receive 2 cards with the same value.

You can add more cards when you choose HIT but you will automatically lose if your card’s value exceeds 21.

In order to play a hand, you need to click on STAND.

The dealer should reveal his hidden card and should hit if they have a value of 16 or less.

In case they have a value of 17 or more, they will cease hitting.

In order to win, your combined card value should be more than that of the dealer.

Depending on your game of choice, the cards are dealt either face down or face up.

Different variations

You can always find your favorite variations of Blackjack online for USA.

One of the most common types of blackjack is the Classic Vegas Strip.

This is a game version that is popular thanks to its extremely low house edge.

It makes use of the set standard rule and is often synonymous with blackjack across the globe.

Another popular option is Double Exposure Blackjack that exposes the duo cards of the dealer.

Double Attack makes it possible for the players to double their bet after the up card of the dealer is dealt but before the dealing of the player’s cards.

Blackjack switch involves the player dealing 2 hands with the ability to switch cards between them.

A good blackjack strategy will differ a little between the different versions.

However, sticking to the regular basic blackjack strategy will work for all the different blackjack variations.

There are certain blackjack games that allow you to surrender when you feel the odds are against you.

However, you will lose half your original bet.

This can happen if your hand is 15 or 16 while the dealer has a ten or ace showing.

It may look odd that you will not be taking another card. However, this can help to improve your chances of winning in the long-term.

Live Blackjack

Many of the online casinos have the option of playing live online blackjack.

This means you can play against a real live dealer instead of the computer.

This will further increase the immersion that you are playing a real game with real blackjack casinos online

You might not be located in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but it will sure feel like it when your bets start making profit.

While the rules remain the same, playing a live game will offer you a greater feeling of being in action.

After entering the live game, you will see a live feed with the dealer standing at the blackjack table.

Everyone at the table can interact with each other.

With the advancement of technology, casinos can now stream real footage as the game goes on.

This means that you will follow the action of the dealer in real time (without any delay).

Many online casinos are taking advantage of advancements in streaming technology to enhance the quality of their images.

They also give you an option to zoom and take a closer look at the action as you enjoy blackjack online.

Why play online blackjack

When you take a virtual seat, you will see various details such as the accounts balance; which is the amount you have in your player account.

You do not have to count chips while playing online as you can see the winnings and balance amount.

There is also the table limit which is the minimum and maximum amount you can bet in a single hand.

The table limit in online blackjack is 1 to 100.

When playing blackjack in the traditional casino, you might find yourself playing at a table that has a bad shoe.

Often, this will give you the impression that the dealer can’t lose.

In many cases, there are no other tables leaving you with few other options.

When you are playing blackjack online, if you find that everything is going wrong at your table, you can move to another table or even an entirely new online casino, altogether.


One of the reasons why online blackjack has seen a rise in popularity is because of the many sites that are offering generous bonuses.

In order to win a blackjack bonus, you will need to first determine the kind of reward you need.

For instance, if you want to get the signup bonus, you will need to wager the bonus amount and perhaps the deposit amount, a certain number of times.

There are certain bonuses that are exclusive to mobile users, which maybe require you to download an app.

On our site you will be shown the best available bonuses and promotions for USA players.

VIP points are often given to players depending on their playing frequency.

For example, when you win 2 VIP points for each dollar wagered at your blackjack table, you will only need to place bets and the points will start rolling in.

After getting the VIP points, you can easily exchange them for cash.

The benefit of the bonuses for online blackjack is that they are awarded immediately when a player begins to play real money.

Online blackjack strategy and tips

The first strategy we recommend is for you to give the dealer a chance to hit.

If you can decipher that he has a card which is 4, 5 or 6, you should play with extra caution as the dealer is at a risk.

On the other hand, if the dealer has a soft hand, he is likely to hit instead of standing so as to make his score close to 21.

If you are holding a hard 17, we advise that you stand, because, despite your lower winning chances, you should avoid going bust.

We advise that you split eights and aces and avoid splitting tens.

The reason is that when you split, you will have 2 chances for winning the pot.

Our final tip is that you should avoid insuring against the blackjack hand unless the face up card of the dealer is an ace.


There is no doubt that blackjack has succeeded in maintaining its status as a favorite casino game for fans worldwide.

It is a classic game and a staple for all kinds of players.

Unlike many games found in casinos, this is an online classic table game that requires both strategy and luck.

If you are interested in playing this entertaining table game, go through this guide and implement the lessons learnt.

This will improve your chances of winning.


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