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All online casinos offer a wide range of different bonuses.

Our aim is to offer you the best experience the Canadian casino market has to offer. To do this, we always try to find the best casino bonuses to help you in your playing.

We know how to find the truly great promotions that will benefit you the most.

With so many options online, we know it is hard for you to find the best online casino.

Therefore we have compiled a list of the top casinos and their bonuses.

We carefully list the bonus amount and wagering requirements of each promotion so you can make comparisons.

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Casino bonuses on Zamsino

Zamsino is here to make your online gambling life that little bit easier.

casino bonuses in canadaNo matter what you are looking for, we at Zamsino will make sure to find it for you.

We will show you which casinos offer the best bonuses, the best casino bonuses in Canada and more.

Reading through this article will give you a much better idea of how to get started.

There are so many different bonuses and these will vary depending on the games you wish to play. However, the best bonuses are usually the ones that come as part of a welcome bonus package. Usually, you will have to access this bonus as soon as you sign up.

We will outline the details below.

Casino welcome bonus Canada

There are two main bonus types, the deposit bonus and the no deposit bonus. Both of these can be part of a welcome promotion.

A deposit bonus requires you to put money into your account and the casino will usually double it.
No deposit bonuses are often free spins.

Both allow you to try out various aspects of the casino at little to no risk to yourself. However, the no deposit bonus is ideal if you are not sure that online casinos are for you.

If you wish to know more about a casino, making use of a deposit bonus helps you in this endeavor. You can increase your bankroll and get more insight into how the page works.

These are not the only bonuses available though. Depending on the casino and the games they offer, there are a large number of bonuses out there.

If you like the look of any bonuses offered at Zamsino, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try some of them out.

Make sure to follow out recommendations though, as our best bonuses offer a large amount. Free spins can also prove highly lucrative.

All the pages displayed here are fully licensed, providing a safe playing environment.

Re-load bonuses

Many casino sites will offer you a reload bonus from the word go once you have made an initial deposit.

This is because many sites have a multi-deposit welcome bonus in place to keep you playing at their site.

In some cases, the welcome bonus will have more than just one bonus, sometimes offering a range of different ones.

Canadian players can get these bonuses easily when opting in at the registration part of creating an account.

For most of these bonuses, optioning in needs to be done during the registration stage in order to qualify.

The first deposit bonus is usually the best, offering the highest percentage in the amount the casino matches.

Subsequent match deposits will often have lower values, particularly by the time it is the fourth deposit.

This will vary between casinos though, so check out details on all sites.

Cash back bonuses

One very commonly seen VIP bonus is that of the cash back bonus.

There are a number of casinos, including our own Codeta casino that actually offers this type of bonus.

This type of bonus is great, particularly for newcomers, as it offers a more risk free way of playing.

In addition, this type of bonus means you don’t need to always lose money in order to win money.

However you will be able to add to your winnings if it is used right.

To demonstrate how this works, a cash back could be set at 10% on a loss and 5% on winnings.

Most of these types of bonus have a minimum and maximum amount set in place as part of the terms.

The minimum amount is purely there to protect the casino.

Free spins bonuses

Free spins are one of the more popular bonus options.

Free spins are only considered free if no deposit is needed in order to have these added to your account.

bonus code no depositHere at Zamsino, we always make sure that when a casino says spins are free, they truly are.

Most players on the hunt for free spins do not want to have to make a deposit of any kind.

Completely free spins mean a risk free game that doesn’t force players into depositing when they don’t want to.

Deposit free spins, however, mean that you will have to deposit into your account to receive the spins.

These too, can be part of a welcome package.

No deposit bonuses are limited

No deposit bonuses are the most sought after bonus for obvious reasons.

However, fewer and fewer casinos are offering these as an option simply because it doesn’t give such good returns.

These types of bonuses are not sustainable for the casino.

They are gradually disappearing so make the most of them while you can.

Zamsino shows you which casinos offer them, so you can still make use of a free bonus now and then.

Online casino bonuses on slot machines

Slot machines often provide excellent bonuses.

Newly released games need a lot of exposure so providers will often attach a bonus campaign to raise awareness. This will mean that you can grab a few free spins as the provider wants you to start playing.

This is more common with the bigger brands such as NetEnt, Microgaming and the like.

Both the casinos themselves and us here at Zamsino will keep you abreast of all these campaigns.

Pro tips for casino bonus hunters

When on the prowl for bonuses, coming here first is a must.

At Zamsino we have all the latest information and know where all the best bonuses can be found.

Simply check our top casinos list to find out more.

At the start you need to make sure you have all the easy casino bonuses used.

These are the ones that you can find directly on our page here.

After using these though, it gets a bit harder to search out the bonuses.
If you are asking for more bonuses, be aware that the casino will be checking your account.

They normally look at the deposit and withdrawal history for the last week.

They will check if the 10% of total losses is appropriate.

Bear in mind that all bonuses come with wagering requirements.

Fresh bonuses on gambling sites

For the most part, the newer casinos give out the biggest bonuses in an attempt to draw in players.

They focus on getting a market rather than their revenues in the first instant.

You can use this to your advantage by using the welcome bonuses and then only playing at casinos you enjoyed.

Don’t forget, at Zamsino we’re always ready to offer the latest hack in getting ahead in the online casino world.


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