On this FAQ page, you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions from our UK customers.

We have sorted out the questions based on which products they are related to. In this way, you will find your answer easily just like all of our other services.

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📌 Questions Regarding Our UK Online Casinos

Does everyone get a casino bonus?

We always have the opportunity to offer you a casino bonus if you want to play.

If you have never before played an online casino with any of our casinos we can sort you a casino bonus.

However, if you already have an account with the online casino you are interested in we cannot guarantee it.

Most casinos have offers for the first deposit or when you register.

If you want to know more about our casino bonuses go here!

Which spins are no deposit?

Some guides make it unclear which free spins are no deposit and which ones require players to make a deposit.

On Zamsino we have made this very simple for you, free spins are called “free spins” if they are without a deposit requirement.

If your spins require a deposit to get we call them “extra spins”. Easy!

Check our full list of free spins here!

Do rigged casinos exist?

Unfortunately, rigged casinos do indeed exist.

We are doing our very best to verify all the casinos that we market here and make sure that they are licensed with UKGC.

In some cases, even legitimate casinos have gone bad and we truly hope that this will not happen to you.

We truly recommend only playing with brands that you recognize or got personally recommended for you.

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