New Casinos for UK Residents with Bonus (2018)

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30 free spins no deposit required

In the UK today, there is plenty of new casinos 2018.

Almost too many which makes it very hard to figure out which one to play with.

Zamsino is a guide focused on several products, but we are also dedicated to always find new casino sites to share with our audience and readers.

We are happy with the gambling industry’s development over the last couple of years.

All new casinos try to come up with “the new thing” and as there is so many competing in this niche it is pushing the boundaries.

This guide is for players search for a new online casino.

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New casinos 2018 with Zamsino

So new casinos 2018 will be something extra special. New casinos will rise, and older ones will fall.

However, this is very good as the industry’s harsh competition filters out all the bad casinos for new good ones.

A win – win situation for online gamblers.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters with Zamsino as we will guide you to the very best new casinos launching In the UK 2018.

We can barely wait to start reviewing online casinos that will be released in 2018. If you want to find a new casino today.

Please just continue reading and you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

New casinos August 2018

In August 2018 we have added a few newer casinos to our lists.

We do keep new fresh lists every month here for your amusement.

The casinos that we’re added this month are the ones as follows:

  • Winkslots
  • Red Spins
  • Winnermillion
  • Blue Fox Casino

We also have many more European casinos that will enter the UK market within the forthcoming months.

What kind of casinos will you find here

new casinos UKIt’s not always easy to keep track of all new casinos released and this is what you can use this guide for.

This page will only display new casinos that follow certain criteria’s.

After you have read this you will get exposed to the best new casinos online and we hope that you take the time to give us some feedback if you enjoyed the games.

Some of the criteria’s that we have for displaying new casinos here are:

  • Have been released within the last 24 months.
  • Have extra spins or free spins.
  • Offer English support.

New casino free spins no deposit

So, we bet that some of you considering new casinos are looking for free spins no deposit.

With the new regulations regarding the terms free spins we do mean no deposit bonus spins.

Spins that does not require you to make a deposit.

New casinos that offer free spins are steadily decreasing though.

Why this happens is due to all bonus hunters that just abuse free bonuses and never play with real money.

A lot of new casinos are not interested in free bonus players as bonuses are a cost for the casino.

We are expecting this decrease to continue until there is barely none left.

This is probably a good thing for the industry though as players that chase free casino bonuses usually have a gambling problem and should stop casino gambling all together.

There is also plenty of casinos that offer wager-free spins when you make a deposit those ones are the very best extra spins that we recommend for all our visitors!

Bonus competition among new casinos

Along with free spins there is obviously casino bonuses.

These are also something that new casinos must compete a lot with.

A good casino bonus will always need to be properly portioned and with a good % amount.

We recommend casino bonuses that offers at least 200% of your deposit amount as bonus.

This percentage deal you will get a healthy dose of casino play for a smaller amount of money.

In other words, less money & more fun.

This is the agenda we want to pursue with Zamsino.

New live casinos

So, you’re a live casino player eh?

Good for you as we have lots of live casinos with new casino bonuses to let you choose from.

When picking a good UK live casino, you must be sure to pick one with British live dealers.

This will ensure that you have an authentic and legitimate experience with your new live casinos 2018.

What more can you ask for than to socialize with some UK ladies or gentlemen while putting a few rounds on table games while having fun wherever you want to.

Play with no deposit bonus

Finding a good no deposit with a new casino can sometimes be challenge if you do not know where to look.

Fortunately, you have found Zamsino! The best no deposit guide for new casinos in the UK.

Since a lot of our traffic is generated from players looking for free no deposit bonuses we do our best to have a no deposit bonus for every casino.

In the top list of our new online casinos with fast withdrawals you can be sure to found a no deposit bonus or many actually!

New casinos with fast payout / withdrawal

One of the absolute worst experiences you can have with an online casino is when you cannot make a withdrawal.

Many operators are trying their best to have a fast pay-out process but this is easier said than done.

While many players are still struggling with this, we have taken it upon ourselves to have the casinos with the fastest pay-outs in the top tier of our lists.

We do this to ensure that even if sometimes withdrawal times are bad you are left with the best alternatives for new UK casino players.

We have actually been awarded for promoting the new casinos with fastest pay-outs in the UK.

New NetEnt operators

The most popular game provider these days is called NetEnt or Net Entertainment.

What they do is make great games that has become insanely popular with the British players.

Because of this we want to write a few rows about the new NetEnt casinos that we promote here on Zamsino.

We are proud to announce that over 90% of the new casinos that we promote have NetEnt casino games.

This makes our list one of the most NetEnt populated ones in all of the British countries. Join us on a new NetEnt casino today!

Social casino games

new casino bonusesSome new casinos offer exclusive live dealers only for their casino.

This is often a part of their branding strategy.

A very smart strategy in our opinion.

There is also other new casino games that are very popular and where you can keep being very social.

Bingo rooms with bingo chats is one of them.

Here you can easily go from the casino lobby to buy a few rows for a bingo game and then use the chat to talk and play together with other players sharing your preferences of entertainment!


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