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When playing with the best casino bonuses 2018, our target is to provide you with the ultimate casino experience available to UK casino players.

We are always working on providing even more casino bonuses in your favour. We are the website that truly knows how to get those great bonuses.

There is so many online casinos today to choose from and most people don’t have the time to try them all.

Our top lists are very clear and you can see the bonus amount and wagering requirements in the list itself.

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Casino bonuses on Zamsino

The reason that Zamsino exists is for the sole reason to make the job easy for you.

Regardless of what you are looking for within online gambling games we will manage this for you.

Our service reaches from the which casinos are the best to what this articles subject is about, the best casino bonuses in the UK.

Following this we will guide you through the different kinds of bonuses that exists.

best casino bonuses onlineRight now, there is many different bonuses depending on what type of games you are interested in.

This means that you can find bonuses in different games but within our casino guide.

The best casino bonuses are always the ones that you will get from a welcome package.

This usually applies to your first few deposits with your active casino bonus.

Casino welcome bonus

To get the best experience on a new casino you can benefit from two different kinds of bonuses.

Casino bonuses and free spins and or extra spins also called “casino spins”.

In this way you get to try several aspects of the online casino that you are interested in.

A no deposit bonus is preferred to try with if you are no so much into the casino niche.

If you feel very interested in a casino, it’s very well suited to try them out with a deposit bonus form the welcome bonus of the casino.

There is also a lot of other bonuses on casinos depending on what other products they offer.

If you feel like claiming on of the casino bonuses that we offer on Zamsino you are very welcome to do so.

We usually prioritize our best casino bonuses based on size of the bonus amount.

There is no reason for this. But it’s mainly due to have some sort of metric.

We do recommend you to try out some extra spins with one of the brilliant welcome packages that the online casinos on this page shows.

They are all regulated my UKC to assure that you are playing in a safe environment.

Re-load bonuses

It’s not uncommon that you get re-load bonuses right of the bat when you have made your first deposit.

This is due to multi deposit welcome packages also known as casino bonuses.

Often you will get a lot more bonuses than just one from the welcome casino bonus package just like we wrote earlier on this page.

UK players can in a very easy way get those bonuses just by following the instructions of your new casinos welcome package.

Something that is very common however is that the first deposit casino bonus is the best and then the percentages of the bonus amount drops slightly for the following 2-4 deposits to the casino.

Cash back bonuses

A common VIP casino bonus is the cash back bonus.

This is also the case with one of our own casinos today from the start.

Codeta casino is live with a cash back campaign that you will truly enjoy if you like cash back.

One of the best things with cash back bonuses is that you don’t necessarily need to lose money to get more money, but you can also get additional money to your casino winnings.

To explain this a little bit easier, we are going to show you an example of how this can look.

  • Get 10% cash back bonus on losses and get 5% extra on your winnings. There is mostly a minimum winning and losing amount as a part of the terms for the bonus.

The reason for these minimum amount is often that they want to protect their own interests.

Free spins bonuses

When it comes to free spins this is something that has been revamped quite a lot for UK casino players.

Basically, nowadays you cannot call it free spins unless they are 100% free and does not require any deposit casino bonus.

It is a good thing according to us at Zamsino.

Players looking for free spins nine out of ten times want to play without having to deposit.

So these new rules will make it easier for players to get what they want rather than having to deposit if they do not want to.

“Deposit free spins” that you get as a part of a deposit campaign or welcome package is to be referred to as extra spins or casino spins.

No deposit bonuses are limited

no deposit casino bonusesIf you like to play without having to make a deposit darker times are coming.

Casinos go under and lose tremendous amounts of money giving out casino bonuses to players.

This is not sustainable and will slowly but steady disappear within the next few years or at least become very exclusive and limited to a few casinos.

Zamsino will of course still do everything to be one the guides being able to offer some extra free spins to new players every occasionally.

Online casino bonuses on slot machines

It is very common that when there is a new slot machine release that there are provider campaigns going live.

This means that the game provider is pushing out a campaign and paying for a few free spins to try out their new game with.

Typically, you can see this with bigger slot providers like Net Entertainment, Microgaming casino and so on.

You will be sure to get informed by these campaigns both from us and the casinos that you pick within our top lists.

Pro tips for casino bonus hunters

If you are out and about looking for the best casino bonuses online, then you are in the right place.

Zamsinos expert panel knows exactly which buttons to push to get you the best odds on receiving an online casino bonus.

First, you need to make sure that you have claimed all the “easy casino bonuses”.

The easy casino bonuses are the ones that you can find directly here on Zamsino in our bonus lists.

But then it gets a bit trickier. You always must know what the casino is looking for in your account when asking for more bonuses.

Normally they look at your deposit withdrawal history for the last 7 days.

When doing this they will see a 10% of total losses bonus appropriate for you.

Normally these types of bonuses come with a wagering requirement.

Fresh bonuses on gambling sites

It’s usually the case that new casinos are giving out bigger bonuses as they are investing in market share rather than focusing on revenues for the first few months.

You can exploit this by always participating in new casino bonuses and then just go back and play with the casinos that you enjoy the most.

Remember that casino hacks like this will always be available for you when playing with Zamsino!


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