Betting Sites NZ 2021

We top list the best betting sites in New Zealand. Recently, sports betting sites NZ has become an exciting form of online entertainment. The bonus here is that you can access these sites anywhere at any time. NZ betting sites is also not just limited to sports, you can bet on almost anything these days. The new betting sites that we promote will accept a wide variety of bets, allowing you to be in complete control. For example, you can choose who is going to score first, which player will attain what position, and much more.

New betting sites nz with free sports betting bonuses 2021
Bethard casino logo
$100 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 25 free spins
  • Great casino
  • Fast pay-outs
Rizk logo
$100 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 50 bonus spins
  • Wheel of rizk
  • NZD currency
Mr Green Casino logo
$100 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 100% bonus
  • Award winner
  • Great bonuses
reloadbet casino logo
$120 Casino Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 100% bonus
  • Live casino
  • Sports
lsbet casino logo
$120 Casino Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 100% bonus
  • Live casino
  • Sportsbook
Redbet Casino logo
$100 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 100% bonus
  • Code: WELCOME
  • Sportsbook
guts casino logo
$0 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • Reel Games
  • Tough casino
  • Great live casino
22bet casino logo
$122 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • eSports
  • Live betting
  • 100% bonus
mobilebet Casino logo
$20 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • Odds
  • Live casino
  • 200% bonus
comeon Casino logo
$25 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • Sports
  • 450+ games
  • 100% bonus
bet365 casino logo
$200 Bet Credits

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 50+ games
  • Live betting
  • 100% bonus
vbet casino logo
$100 Betting Bonus

18+ | Terms & conditions apply.

  • 100 bonus spins
  • Betting
  • 100% bonus

Top 5 Betting Sites in Canada

Casino Owner License no.
Bethard Bethard Group Limited MGA/B2C/312/2015
bWin bwin Holdings (Malta) Limited MGA/CRP/688/2019
Guts MT Securetrade Limited MGA/CRP/257/2014
Bet365 Hillside (New Media Malta) Plc MGA/B2C/297/2015
VBet Vivaro Limited MGA/B2C/292/2015

Online Betting With Zamsino

The Best Betting Sites in New ZealandThere are many different sports available when you use the sites picked out by us. It can be a sport or an event.

Recently, live betting has grown, becoming an exciting way of betting on sporting events.

Live betting brings the excitement of the event right into your hands.

No matter what you prefer when betting, it’s always a good idea to compare sites with Zamsino.

Making comparisons gives you a better idea of what options are available to you.

It also gives you a better understanding of how to find the best odds and find better gameplay.

For the most part, we will help you find betting bonuses that get you something extra when you’re playing.

This is particularly important if you are trying out a new site for the first time.

Better Odds With Online Betting Sites

Generally, we recommend that you play at an online sportsbook rather than going to a land-based bookie.

This is because you get better and more competitive odds when using online betting sites.

There is a simple reason for this online casinos can afford to lose more to players than anything offline can.

This may seem counterproductive, but it does keep players coming back when they win.

These betting options are something to take advantage of when choosing a new betting site.

We recommend signing up with sites that we suggest on this page.

This is because we have selected them based on specific criteria.

These betting sites all offer excellent betting bonuses and a range of betting options.

At the end of the day, Zamsino is your best bet for finding the best odds.

Live Odds Online

Have you ever experienced the adrenaline rush of making a live bet and guessing correctly?

The feeling that courses through your body are quite unlike anything else.

Live betting and live odds offer all the excitement of gambling on a match from beforehand.

However, it completely ups the ante.

You are already engrossed in the match or the game.

And you place a bet based on what is happening at that very instant based on live odds.

Also known as in-play betting, bookmakers can change the odds depending on how the game is unfolding.

Live betting offers the average gambler more flexibility and opportunities to recoup their losses.

Say you bet on a footballer scoring within the first half of the match.

Instead, he is substituted for only ten minutes into the game having sprained his hamstring.

You are then able to make a different bet on a different player.

Entirely based on how the players are performing there and then.

This gives you the opportunity to possibly recoup your losses and make some extra winnings.

Since its invention, live betting has been refined.

In fact, the product offered on our betting site is one of the best available on the market.

All in all, this makes for a rather perfect scenario.

Best Online Bookies Products

Every man or woman who is passionate about sports has his or her favourite game.

However, as sports are very much part and parcel of the culture of New Zealand, we have quite a few.

On our website, you will find plenty of different sports to bet on.

Some examples of the most popular sports that players gamble on are:

  • Rugby betting
  • Football betting
  • Horse racing betting
  • Basketball betting
  • Baseball betting
  • Tennis betting
  • Boxing betting
  • Australia Football League (AFL) betting
  • Greyhound betting
  • World Cup betting
  • UFC betting
  • American football betting

How Live Betting Came to Existence

Many people still favour the nostalgic experience of walking into their local bookie and making a bet in a shop.

They would be surrounded by people they know and the experience is part of their weekly routine.

However, the march of technology and the dawn of the digital era changed betting forever.

The invention of the internet moved betting online.

Now, everyone can make online bets from the comfort of their home.

Then live betting took things one step forward.

Now players could combine the excitement of watching their team compete whilst making bets online.

Today the live betting market covers any sport that you can reasonably place a bet on.

Live betting is a simple idea.

However, the beauty of it is that as the game develops, bookmakers will alter odds on a particular outcome materializing.

This increases the possible gambles you can make ten times over.

Best Betting Sites Tips

We always recommend that you pick a sport to bet on that you are knowledgeable about.

For beginners, this is especially important.

Once you have picked the game you want to bet on, you then decide which betting site you want to use.

The best hint we can give you is that it is important to find a middle ground between two things.

These are: finding the best odds available on your game and a website that you will enjoy using.

What Is Betting?

If you have read this far into the article, then you might already have a good understanding of betting.

But in case you don’t, here it is in layman’s terms.

It is very simple.

You do your best to try and predict the result of a match or event.

The casino decides the odds.

If you bet $20 on a match and the odds are 3x then you will end up winning $60!

But don’t forget, you get your original $20 back, so you “only” won $40.

Most people will however still say that they won $60, even though a third of that money was their original bet.

Betting for Beginners

The Top Free Online Betting Sites in New ZealandBetting can be a fun and exciting part of your life.

It is a means of letting loose and taking a break after a long day at work.

However, it is crucial to note that, as many things do, betting comes with inherent risks.

When you are on a betting website for the first time, the layout of the site can be very overwhelming.

There’s so much going on! Don’t forget that you can also claim free bets!

The most important thing for live betting is that you keep track of the odds you are playing with.

You mustn’t get too distracted by the game that you forget to focus on the bets you have made.

You need to be on the ball.

You need to be able to withdraw bets when circumstances change and show you they are not viable.

This way you can place new bets as new circumstances develop in the game.

We recommend that you take steps to gamble responsibly when playing with the best betting sites in New Zealand.

Always make use of the customer support team of the betting site you are on if you have any questions.

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